PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Review

The iphone of dog beds.  Well, maybe that is not a perfect comparison, but the PetFusion Bed sure is popular! On Savvy Doggo we recommend a wide variety of beds for different dog breeds and needs.  The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed has sold more than any other pet bed we review and for good reason.  

PetFusion offers above average quality and a modern design at an affordable price.  It does not fit the needs of every dog but is broad enough to suit most. 

The team at PetFusion was kind enough to send us a sample to review hands on.  Below we test, compare and review everything you need to know about the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

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PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Brand overview

PetFusion was founded in 2010 as a modern pet company that emphasizes style, functionality and comfort.  At the time there was limited availability of premium pet products and what was available was often unaffordable to pet parents.  

Although the PetFusion Dog Bed is their primary headliner, the company sells a wide range of products for both cats and dogs.  Over the past 11 years they have branched out to produce beds, feeders, cat scratchers and lots of toys.

Their full spectrum of products can be found on their website but the majority of their sales come on Amazon and Chewy.  Customers are drawn to their products for their premium durability and functionality while appreciating the way they blend into their home style.

Critics of PetFusion often mention that their products are manufactured overseas.  The company goes to great lengths to highlight the fact that their products are held to high quality standards.  The majority of their reviews support this assertion although some customers may still revert to products made in the USA.

You may have heard of the brand “Cosmic Pet.”  That is the parent company of PetFusion and they run a wide range of pet product lines.  

What to Look for in a Dog Bed

What separates a good orthopedic dog bed from a bad one?  What features matter and which ones do not?

We have reviewed hundreds of dog beds on Savvy Doggo.  No one bed fits all dogs and needs.  Each breed has different needs.  Some dogs have medical conditions, behaviors or even sleeping positions that make certain beds better than others for them.

By reading this article and doing your own research you are likely looking to make a long term purchase.  Finding a durable pet bed that will last is not as hard as it used to be.  Although you need to look for materials that are strong against everyday use, you also need a bed that can be easily cleaned without damage. 

How your dog likes to sleep plays a big role in picking the right bed.  If your dog likes to sprawl out you should look at a wide orthopedic bed.  If your dog is more of a burrower or likes to curl up then a donut bed may be a better choice. 

You should also consider the look and style of the pet bed.  Does it fit in with your room decor?  If it is going on a hard surface does it have a non-skid bottom to prevent sliding?  

Last but not least you want a bed that supports long term joint health for your pup.  Consult your vet for specific recommendations but most dogs can benefit from continued use of an orthopedic bed.  

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Review: Our Testing and Analysis

Nixon and Lincoln using their new petfusion ultimate dog bed

We were very excited to get our hands on the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed for an in depth review.  This premium orthopedic dog bed generally gets rave reviews and comes in at a price point that most can afford.  

How we Test

The focus of our tests were on the features that are difficult to trust from the sales page alone.  While it is easy to see what the bed looks like online it is hard to know how durable or comfortable the bed is without using it.  

My two dogs Lincoln and Nixon(yes a U.S. presidents theme,) were our test subjects for this case study.  Although these two lazy doggos will sleep on literally anything, they have a strong preference for the most comfortable object in any room.  They are not destructive chewers anymore but they are generally rough with their beds and will often dig at or nibble on the fabric.  

With the pups testing the general durability of the bed, I tested the long term life by assembling, disassembling and cleaning the bed.  

Materials: What’s PetFusion Made Of?

PetFusion Memory Foam Close Up

As a pet parent you should care about the type of materials used for a lot of reasons.  The quality of material will impact the lifespan of the bed.  The type of material will determine how comfortable or hypoallergenic it is.  The density of the base will impact the level of orthopedic support.

Memory Foam Base: Beds are all about the orthopedic memory foam base.  Depending on the size you choose the solid memory foam will range from 2.5” to 6” thick.  The orthopedic foam is Certi-PUR-US and I can confirm that it is firm and retains its shape well over time.  Compared to other beds on the market PetFusion generally has a thicker base for the size. If you have a senior dog or one suffering from hip dysplasia this memory foam bed will offer great support.

Bolsters: Many dog beds come with raised edges but few are as substantial as the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.  My dogs love to prop their heads up on the bolsters as if they are pillows.  Having the bolsters on three sides is comforting for dogs that like to curl up while offering an easy entrance/exit to the bed.  

Outer Cover: The surface layer of the bed is tough but still comfortable.  It reminds me of a fabric layer of a couch but much more resistant to tearing.  The cover is relatively tight around the memory foam and loose around the bolster allowing your pup to settle into a comfortable position.  The entire cover is made in one piece that can be removed and washed as frequently as needed without damage. If needed you can order a replacement cover to increase the lifespan of the orthopedic pet bed.

Waterproof Lining:  To protect the foam base from accidents the bed includes a waterproof cover.  Once you put the memory foam in the liner it will stay protected from water damage for the life of the bed.  This is valuable for puppies or older dogs that suffer from incontinence.  

Zipper: Technically the zipper is a part of the removable cover but it is worth mentioning on its own. There are two zippers on the bed.  One runs along three sides for removing the bolsters and the other along the back for removing the foam base.  Compared to other beds the zipper is somewhat weak.  Only running along one side for the base makes it a little difficult to take the foam base in and out. 

Size and Color Options

PetFusion large model size

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed comes in small(25”-20”), large(36”-28”), XL(44”-34”) and XXL(50”-40”). The small bed can comfortably fit puppies and small breeds while the XXL is designed to accommodate Great Danes. 

At the moment the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed comes in three natural color options.  

  • Chocolate Brown
  • Slate Grey
  • Sandstone

What we Love about the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Let’s start with what we love about this bed.  There are a lot of positives. 

Durability: The PetFusion Ultimate Bed is well constructed and holds up well to scratching and digging.  My dogs are not heavy chewers anymore but they still paw at and dig into their bed before settling in.  The tear resistant fabric offers great protection for this type of use.  Additionally the inner components like the memory foam and bolsters are strong enough to hold their form after prolonged use.  

Ease of Cleaning:  Another great feature is the ease of cleaning the bed.  Many dog beds get fancy with soft fabric covers that lose their strength and comfort after repeated washes.  The PetFusion cover is a practical and functional option compared to other beds.  After several washes I cannot see any shrinking or fraying of the cover.

Waterproof Protection: Purchasing a memory foam dog bed is an investment for at least a few years.  With that outlook you have to have a bed that is protected from moisture damage.  From puppies with muddy paws to senior dogs with incontinence, there are many reasons why your bed may get exposed to liquid.  In my first month using this bed the waterproof liner already came in handy when my youngest pup had an accident. The memory foam was completely protected and after a wash the bed was as good as new. If waterproofing is a must for you here is a list of our top waterproof beds.

Cooling blanket: Now the cooling blanket does not come with every PetFusion package but we were able to test it out.  As soon as we removed the blanket from the packaging my wife was immediately jealous of this blanket.  In fact it spent a few nights on our bed before the dogs were allowed to use it.  The blanket is always cool to the touch and my dogs are always drawn to the side of the bed it is on.  If your dog is frequently hot I highly recommend getting the cooling blanket with the bed. 

Modern Color Scheme: The color options available fit in well with modern room decor.  We could have placed the bed anywhere in our house and it would not feel out of place. To make the transition easiest for our pups we placed the bed in our bedroom because that is where they are used to sleeping. 

Lincoln sitting on the petfusion box

Downsides to the PetFusion Bed

We always look at pros and cons in our product reviews.  Although we overall recommend the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed here are some potential downsides to consider.

Not Chewproof: Although this bed holds up well against regular wear and tear, it is not suitable for heavy chewers or puppies.  If you expect your pup will use their bed as a chew toy, this bed will likely not hold up long.  Once your big dog is out of their chewing phase you can look at a long term bed like this.  Otherwise you should look into a chew proof dog bed

Weak Zipper: If the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed has a weak point it is probably the zippers.  The main zipper holding in the memory foam base only runs along one side of the bed.  This makes removing the base more time consuming than if the zipper ran along multiple sides.  Additionally the zipper itself is small and some customers return the product after breaking the zipper.  

Price Point: PetFusion products are premium and usually come in slightly costlier than the market average.  The quality of the product is worth the price for customers ready to make the investment.  However the price can scare off pet owners looking for a really cheap option.  

Not an Outdoor Dog Bed: This bed is not designed to hold up against the elements. For that there are specially designed elevated dog beds that can serve that purpose well.

Customer Reviews

When we compare products in our review process we always look at reviews from online marketplaces to get a feel for the average customer response.  Here is what we found from some of the major online retailers.

  • Chewy. 4.8 stars, 494 reviews.
  • Mattress Firm. 4.7 stars, 55 reviews.
  • Walmart. 4.8 stars, 6 reviews.

There is a clear consensus among customers that the bed is of higher quality than the rest of the market without getting into the crazy luxury price range of say a Big Barker bed.  

Similar Product Comparisons

As we mentioned earlier in the article every dog has different needs that makes no bed a one size fits all.  With that in mind here are a few comps that are similar to the PetFusion Bed but offer slightly different features.

Big Barker Dog Bed

Big Barker Headrest Edition

TheBig Barker Dog Bed is another premium dog bed known for its high quality foam base.  This bed is specifically designed for larger dogs.  

Big Barker offers a 7” thick memory foam base that is guaranteed to not flatten for 10 years.  The bed went through a clinical study to show that it improves joint health and reduces pain in dogs after just a month of use. 

Similarly to the PetFusion Bed, Big Barker has a tough but not indestructible outer cover that can be washed easily.  One downside is that the bed does not come with a waterproof liner but one can be purchased separately. 

The bed offers one bolster compared to PetFusion’s three.  If your dog likes to sprawl out then one bolster is likely sufficient.  For dogs that like to curl up the more bolsters the better!

Another differentiating factor is cost.  The Big Barker Bed is more expensive than the PetFusion Bed although the quality cannot be faulted either.  If you have the money to spend and think your dog would prefer the single bolster option then the Big Barker Bed might be a good fit. If interested you can read our full Big Barker Review.

Comparing the two options:

  • Big Barker offers a better memory foam base.
  • PetFusion has a more affordable price.
  • PetFusion includes a waterproof liner.
  • Big Barker has a longer warranty. 
  • PetFusion has better bolsters.
  • Big Barker is easier to remove and wash the cover.

The Dog’s Bed

The Dog's Bed

The Dog’s Bed is a great comparison for the PetFusion bed for a few reasons.  Both beds share a similar design and price range. First available in 2019, the Dog’s Bed definitely took inspiration from PetFusion.

Just like PetFusion the Dog’s Bed offers a waterproof liner, a 4” memory foam base and a machine washable cover.  The only major feature it does not offer is a non skid base. 

Considering that the Dog’s Bed has done their best to memic PetFusion and offer a similar price you may wonder how to compare the two.  While the designs are really close, customer ratings show a clear story of durability and quality. 

The Dog’s Bed averages around 4.4 stars compared to PetFusion’s 4.8 stars when evaluating the market.  Customers more frequently report damages with the Dog’s Bed than with the PetFusion Ultimate Bed.  Because of this rating disparity at a similar price we recommend PetFusion over the Dog’s Bed in most cases.

The one aspect that the Dog’s Bed beats PetFusion in is the range of colors and fabrics offered for the outer cover.  You can pick from nine different colors and fabrics ranging from plush, linen or faux fur.

Comparing the two options:

  • PetFusion wins in quality and durability.
  • Both share a similar price range. 
  • The Dog’s Bed has more color and fabric options.
  • PetFusion offers a great cooling blanket.

FAQ and Taking Care of Your PetFusion Bed

What Should I Expect out of the Box?

A peak inside an open petfusion box

The PetFusion Bed ships in a large but tightly packed box with the memory foam sealed in a vacuum packed bag to save space.  Once you open the bag (which you want to do carefully so as not to cut the foam,) it will take several days for the memory foam to gain full form.  

This is really helpful for the setup because it can easily fit into the waterproof liner and cover before it fully expands.  Once the base is in place you are ready to go because the bolsters come prefilled in the cover for quick set up.

How do I wash the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed?

To wash the bed you simply unzip the cover at the bolsters and base, remove both pieces from the cover and place the cover in the washing machine.  The manufacturer recommends washing the cover in cold water by itself on a tumble dry gentle setting.  It is important to avoid bleach.

For small stains you can use mild soap and a washcloth.  To remove excess dog hair a lint roller will do the trick.  

How do I Get my Dog to Use the Bed?

This can be the most difficult part of using a new dog bed.  After all, sleeping is a habit that your dog has certainly already formed another routine for.  You have to expect it to take a few days before your pup will warm up to the new bed.

To get my dogs to use the bed I sat on it and encouraged them to come to me.  Anytime they stepped on the bed I praised them and made a big deal about it.  I even used some training treats as a reward for when they entered the bed on command.  

Once they were comfortable going to the bed on command I moved the bed to the corner in the bedroom where they usually sleep.  At night they naturally went to their corner and started using the bed on just the second night after it arrived.  


The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is one of the most popular dog beds available and for good reason.  The affordable price point for a premium bed that offers a durable product with all the features that actually matter.  You can spend a lot more money on slightly better quality or you can cheap out if you are not ready to make this investment.  However most customers find the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed to be the sweet spot for quality and price.

My dogs sleep on this bed every day and have become really attached.  I have even ventured to take a nap on this comfortable bed.  I can safely recommend this product without reservation.

Mason Hunt

Founder and editor of Savvy Doggo. Mason is a passionate dog parent of two rescue pups and lives in Plainfield, Indiana. He started the site in 2020 as a way to make a difference in the lives of other dog owners. Mason has trained and cared for dogs since childhood. Most of his free time is spent with his wife and dogs. Nixon and Lincoln.

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