MyPillow Dog Bed Review

Do you want a memory foam bed that still feels soft for your dog? You might want to check out this MyPillow dog bed review. With patent interlocking memory foam filling, it may have what you are looking for. I like memory foams for their durability and layering. However the hardness often causes problems for my dog because he likes a snuggly feeling. Memory foams also make organization difficult.  They are hard to move due to their excessive weight. Many people want to have a memory form that is easily foldable and provides desirable cushioning with added softness.

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Can You Have Both Fluffy And Foldable Memory Foam?

Finding a foldable mattress with the same durability and support as memory foam is not easy.  There are not many products like that available. You should look for a variety that has memory foam with an ability to fluff before using. Such beds are soft enough to pleat but do not lose their ability to contour and cushion the dog. They also add a comfortable nestling that hugs your canine friend and makes him want to stay in bed all the time. 

The only problem is that they are not appropriate to use if your dog has joint problems and needs an extra cushion to take the pressure off the joints. Hard memory foams are better at giving the pinpoint support usually needed for dogs with arthritis. 

Why Should I Choose MyPillow Dog Bed?

As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases

Hard to imagine memory foam with feathery feeling, isn’t it? But it is possible. One product that has memory foam in a fluffy variety is MyPillow. It has interlocked filling of polyurethane, with layers stacked over one another. The material is also shredded to enhance breathability. So, it provides comfort and cushion to your dog without compromising the fuzziness.  Since it is shredded, you can fold it, put it anywhere, and fluff it again before using it.

MyPillow was founded by Mike Lindell who has a very inspiring story. He used to sell the “world’s best mattresses (in his own words)” in fares, mall kiosks, and from his home. Then his late-night infomercial went viral. Giant retailers like Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond started selling his products. He later introduced a variety for pets and that’s how MyPillow dog bed came into the picture. It has the same quality as beds for humans while taking pet comfort and convenience in consideration.


  • Fluffy and comfortable
  • Washable covers
  • Gives a cooling sensation
  • Pretty design and colors


  • Indents after a few weeks
  • May have a poor quality zipper
  • Not appropriate for heavy chewers

What Are The Features And Benefits Offered By MyPillow Dog Bed?

MyPillow dog bed has various benefits and unique properties that you hardly find in any other mattress. Some of these are described below according to their rating:

Performance 8/10

Material: MyPillow has a viscous and elastic polyurethane material with patented interlocking fibers. It has properties of memory foam, refined to the specific needs of the dogs. The performance is great considering that it provides adequate cushioning to dogs without sacrificing softness that is usually desired by pets. Polyurethane is an open-cell type which means that the gas bubbles are released during the manufacturing process instead of keeping them locked inside the foam. This makes it less dense and appropriate for luxury feeling.

Cooling effect:  Memory foam is notorious for trapping heat from the body. Cooling gels are often used to reduce temperature in beds but MyPillow has its own way to cope with this. The open-cell type material leaves tiny holes in the foam to encourage airflow and breathability. It prevents the foam from accumulating heat and keeps your dog comfortable during the night. This feature might be best for hot weather when a cooling effect is needed to keep your dog relaxed during the day as well.

Noise-free: The manufacturing process of open-cell type polyurethane also reduces squeakiness usually present in foams. This makes it a noise-free option for your dog….And you!

Adjustable Padding: One of my favorite features about this product is the option to choose the desired thickness. I like to keep beds with multiple layering so that I can give my dog a thick pad for added comfort when he feels sad or tired. You can select the level of thickness according to the needs of your dog and his health conditions. The only drawback is that despite the adjustable layering feature, MyPillow does not have enough padding to support aching joints; this could become a problem in the case of old or arthritic dogs.

Durability 6/10

The life of a product largely depends on its quality and ability to resist damage. MyPillow dog bed uses shredded material so you should not expect the same durability as thick memory foam. The fluffy nature comes at a cost of increased pliability. The foam can start to indent after extended use. It becomes lumpy and less reliable in providing comfort. In this context, it is closer to egg crate variety of foams and may lose performance after several weeks. 

This also makes it a less desirable product for heavier or large breeding dogs. It can be alleviated slightly by putting the foam on tumble in the drying machine to fluff it up. The pliancy can also be reduced by choosing a mattress with thick padding because fewer layers make this problem worse.

If your dog is a heavy chewer or going through this phase, you should avoid MyPillow mattress. It is vulnerable to chewing because it is not designed to withstand that abuse. 

MyPillow dog bed does offer easy ways to take care of your dog bed. While you frequently find mattresses with washable covers, it is rare to find easy-to-wash foam. The removable cover is water-proof, odor resistant, and does not tear easily. This contributes to longevity significantly. The fabric is 100% cotton and can be machine washed twice a week.

For the foam, I recommend washing twice a month. The polyurethane tends to accumulate dust and can quickly become a source of germs. Although the material used is hypoallergenic, it is important to keep it clean. Especially if your dog has sensitive skin or is vulnerable to allergies. After machine wash, you can put it in a medium speed dryer to get the fluff back.

Dog on the floor

Design 10/10

MyPillow has a wide variety of designs and sizes.

It has small, medium, and large sizes with different dimensions and layers.

Small size: 18” x 24” and 2-inches padding

Medium: 24” x 36” and 3-inches padding

Large: 34” x 45” and 4-inches padding

You can choose according to the size and weight of your dog. If he is a sprawler or large breed, a large size would be a better fit. If you feel padding is more than required, you can take some material out carefully without tearing the material or ruining the design.

There are also many different color options to choose from. MyPillow comes in burgundy, tan, pink, grey, brown, green Crypton, and mossy oak. I really appreciate this feature considering my dog loves playing around bright colored bedding. So much to choose from! If you want to get creative, you can get the cover sewn in the desired print or shade with a zipper.

The cover is printed from both sides and looks stylish. The top has plaid print and the lower side has paws printed on it. A metallic zipper is present on the side for user convenience. 

The design is also travel-friendly and can be folded and packed in a bag. This feature is largely due to the pliable material but the build of the bed also contributes to it. This could be a good choice for you if you are planning to travel with your pup.

Pricing 8/10

The pricing depends on the size but MyPillow is not a break the bank option.

The bed comes with 60-days of sleeping and a 10-years consumer warranty. You can get a refund if your mattress gets damaged or the cover tears up. If you are nervous about spending money on a bed this should offer some peace of mind.

What Is The Verdict Of Other Users About MyPillow?

MyPillow has gained remarkable popularity over the years. The human line was already famous, so people chose to try the animal variety too. The user reviews about the product are encouraging except a few who did not find the padding adequate. Many seem to like the noise-free feature and the washable cover is also popular.

What Are The Other Options Available?

Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed 

Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

This bed has a shredded variety of memory foam and provides correct alignment and support to the dog’s body. It comes in four different colors. There are many sizes to choose from but the padding for all sizes is 3-inches. The cover is removable but the foam cannot be washed. In comparison to MyPillow:

  • The foam is not washable
  • The padding is not adjustable and only has 3 inches thickness
  • Only a 3-years warranty

Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed

Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed

This mattress can be used for arthritic dogs because it distributes weight evenly and gives significant cushioning. It can be puffed up with the dryer before using it. For the cooling effect it uses a cooling gel. The thickness is 5-inches and there are multiple size options. Unlike MyPillow:

  • Offers thicker memory foam support
  • Evenly distributed form
  • Waterproof lining

Go Pet Club Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Bed 

Go Pet Club Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Bed

This bed offers 4 inches of memory foam support in a pillow style bed. The solid material is designed to maintain its shape over time. The bed comes with multiple layers of protective material and a non slip base. Compared with MyPillow:

  • Memory foam versus shredded material
  • Non slip base
  • Waterproof cover


MyPillow dog bed uses memory foam with adjustable layers and shredded material. It can be tumble dried and puffed up before use which gives a luxurious feeling to your dog. 

Cooling gel is not required because the material is breathable and keeps the temperature in check. But the durability is lesser than hard memory foam and it tends to indent after some time. 

It is also not ideal for arthritic dogs or avid chewers. Unlike these best dog beds for arthritis. Nevertheless, a washable cover makes the cleanliness easy.  Overall the MyPillow dog bed is a great hybrid option, well suited for most dogs.

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