Best Training Shock Collars for Huskies 2022

Ever get jealous of that neighbor’s dog who is perfectly obedient?  I know I have.  Why can’t my dogs be trusted off leash or to not jump up on new friends? 

The truth is dogs only get obedient when we take the time to train them right.  And use the right tools to enforce positive behavior!

This article outlines the best training shock collars for Huskies in 2020 and what to consider before buying one.  For a quick overview of our picks, check out the table below!

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Best OverallSport Dog SD 425Sport Dog SD 425
Savvy PickPet Spy P620Pet Spy P620
Bargain PickTC01 by DOG CARETC01 by DOG CARE
 Bousnic Dog Training CollarBousnic Dog Training Collar
 PATPET Dog Training CollarPATPET Dog Training Collar
 Petrainer Shock CollarPetrainer Shock Collar

Product Reviews for Husky Shock Collars

Best Overall

SportDog SD 425

Sport Dog SD 425X

The SportDog brand has a great reputation for quality products.  They are trusted by professional trainers, hunters and enthusiasts alike. 

If you have tried lower quality products in the past and are looking for an upgrade this may be a good fit.  

The extensive range and waterproofing material makes this collar last longer than the other products on this list.  If you have an active Husky with a large outdoor area to roam this collar should meet your training needs.

However if you plan on doing most of your training indoors or more casually, you may not take advantage of the Sport Dog 425’s full ability.  


  • Top of the line range at 500 yards
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet
  • Effective for professional use
  • Highly durable and reliable


  • May be higher quality than you need

PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar

Savvy Pick

PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar

The PetSpy P620 is a premium product that meets most everyday needs for dog training. 

While this product has all the major features that the other products on this list have, it also has one unique addition.  This collar comes with an e-book training guide with videos.  This guide is valuable for users trying to get the most out of their collar or trying to speed up the training process.

PetSpy has only been around since 2015 but they specialize in electronic dog training collars.  

The one con on this product is the strength of the lowest shock setting.  For most collars the lowest setting can barely be felt but on this collar all settings are meant to be effective.  If you are concerned about the shock level I recommend starting with the tone or vibrate settings. 

The quality of the materials and the reliability of the product places this collar above the rest on the list aside from the SportDog.  For those looking to make a savvy purchase that do not need features of a professional model this is a great choice. 


  • Includes e-book dog training guide
  • Caps for the contact points
  • Waterproof
  • Dual quick charge for collar and remote
  • Beep, Vibrate and shock functions


  • Even the lowest setting is strong

Dog Training Collar TC01 by DOG CARE

Bargain Pick

Dog Training Collar TC01 by DOG CARE

The TC01 is one of the best selling dog collars from DOG CARE and for good reason.  This product has proven to be reliable for many Husky owners and has most features you need to start training. 

One awesome feature of the TC01 is the security keypad lock.  This protects the user from accidentally pressing buttons and setting the collar off.  This is the only remote on the list that includes this feature. Although most remotes have an off button that keeps you protected as well.

The TC01 claims to be waterproof but in practice it is more water resistant.  Do not submerge under water.

The remote itself is somewhat large but is robust and easy to handle.  Not ideal for keeping in your pocket but gives you great control with it’s ergonomic design. 

DOG CARE made a solid collar with the TC01.  If you don’t mind the bulky remote this product is a good all around choice.  


  • Security keypad lock that prevents unwanted shocks
  • Up to 9 different channels
  • Vibration, shock and beep settings
  • Long lasting charge
  • Rubber prongs to protect your dog
  • Reliable product


  • Water resistant but not designed for swimming
  • Large remote

Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs

Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs

The Bousnic Dog Training Collar is often the go to pick for pet owners who need to train two dogs at once.  Having a spare could work for owners of one Husky if you want to keep one collar charged up and ready all the time.

The design is simple but effective and the collar is easily adjustable to fit any size of dog.  The IP67 waterproof rating is notable and the rechargeable batteries are useful.

Having no off button on the transmitter means you will need to be careful not to press buttons accidentally.  Not ideal for carrying in your pocket when not in use. 

The collars come programmed to the same channel and require some work to be set up.  

If you happen to need more than 2 collars this set will not work for you.  The remote only supports 2 channels.

If you are looking for a set of collars at a medium quality level then give the Bousnic a shot.  Overall this product is well liked and most users do not experience the cons mentioned above. 


  • Includes 2 collars
  • Shock, vibration and tone
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Silicone prongs


  • No off button on remote
  • Only 2 channels
  • Difficult to set up

PATPET Dog Training Collar

PATPET Dog Training Collar

The PATPET training collar has most of the features you need to train your Husky at an affordable price.  

This collar is not flashy but still includes the variable shock settings, vibration, beep and silicone protection for your dog.  If you are looking to try shock collar training on your Husky but don’t want to break the bank, this product may be sufficient for you.

This product is not rechargeable and will require disposable batteries.  These are included but may need to be replaced after a few months of use. 

If you really need a waterproof collar you will need to look for a different one on this list.  The PATPET dog collar is water resistant and can be used in the rain without a problem.  So long as your Husky isn’t going for frequent swims!

Great Husky collar for those on a budget or those with minimal training needs. 


  • Long battery life up to 30 days 
  • Small remote profile
  • Silicone protection for the contact points
  • Test light included


  • Max of 2 channels
  • Only 16 variable shock settings
  • Not waterproof for swimming
  • Not rechargeable
  • Collar has excessive length on small dogs

Petrainer Shock Collar for Dogs

Petrainer Shock Collar for Dogs

The Petrainer shock collar comes with two collars by default.  If you need multiple collars this is one of the bundles you should consider.  

This collar has all the training settings you will need and is intuitive to learn.  

The batteries are rechargeable and feature an automatic standby function to conserve power.  This is ideally suited for owners who need to keep the collars on their Huskies for extended periods of time.  

This collar suffers from connectivity issues at times.  The Petrainer collar is less reliable than some of the other models on this list.  You may not experience any issues but there is some risk if you are doing outdoor training with your dog. 

The slick material on this collar allows frequent sliding unless it is quite tight.  This could cause irritation to your dog’s skin.  Although for most Huskies this is not an issue given their thick coats.

If you are looking for two collars in one the Petrainer is worth your consideration.  However there are better products out there if you need great reliability.  


  • Silicone covers for comfort
  • Vibration, tone and shock settings
  • Automatic standby to save power
  • Rechargeable collar and transmitter 
  • Two collars included


  • No guard preventing accidental button mashing
  • Slick material can cause the collars to shift
  • Connection quality can suffer at times
Husky Puppy

Buying Considerations for Husky Shock Collars

What kind of Training does your Husky Need?

Choosing the best collar for your dog will vary based on the type of training you want to do.  Although Huskies share many similar personality traits, every dog has different training needs.  Here are some of the most common reasons dog owners shock collars.

  • House training. Shock collars can be very effective for training your new dogs in your home.  Keeping dogs off of furniture, away from the baby’s room or out of the trash can are just some of many uses for shock collars inside. 
  • Leash training.  Huskies are beautiful dogs with high energy and require frequent walks to stay healthy.  Anyone who has taken a puppy for a walk knows that dogs do not naturally know how to walk politely at your side.  First sign of a “squirrel!” or neighbor’s dog and your beloved Husky pup will have you tied up with their leash.  Shock collars are an easy way to train your dog how to avoid distractions and behave on walks. 
  • Bark training. Huskies can be territorial around their home.  This means they are more likely to bark aggressively than other less territorial breeds.  Electric shock collars are one of the most effective ways of bark training your dog.
  • Food aggression.  If you are a pet owner with multiple dogs you may have experienced food aggression around dinner time.  Shock collars are a great way to kick that bad habit early to prevent your dogs from hurting each other.  
  • Obeying commands.  Whether you are teaching your Husky new tricks or giving stern warnings to keep your doggo safe, your canine needs to recognize your commands.  New pet parents often struggle training because their dogs do not recognize when they are being given a command.  Shock collars remove any confusion, teaching your Husky to listen attentively for your prompt.
  • Boarding your dog.  Many pet sitting agencies and daycares require evaluations of your dog’s behavior prior to admission.  Making sure your Husky has been trained to socialize with other dogs may make the difference between using these convenient services or having to foot the bill for a private sitter.  Shock collars are the most efficient method I have found for quickly correcting poor behavior. 

Think about what you are trying to train your dog to do(or not do) as you look through the best shock collars available.  

Comfortable Husky Puppies

Keeping your Husky Comfortable

Depending on the type of training you are doing with your Husky they may end up wearing the shock collar for 10 to 15 hours on end. For the safety of your dog and their quality of life you will need to make sure the collar you buy is comfortable. 

Finding the right size collar

Unless you are buying a collar for a puppy you will want to purchase a collar for large dogs.  Huskies neck sizes range from 16 to 22 inches in circumference. To maximize the comfort of your doggo you will want to pick a collar that has several size settings within that range.  This is especially true if your Husky is still growing. 

Adjustable collar length

Most shock collars on the market are adjustable to fit multiple dogs or dogs that are still growing.  The best collars on the market have clasps that allow you to adjust the size in any increment.  You will want to avoid collars that use a traditional belt notch for adjustment.  Even if a collar is tight enough to stay on your dog’s neck it may be too loose to administer the shock or vibration. 


The type of material used will not play a significant factor on comfort for a Husky because of their notably thick coat.  However if you are intent on treating your doggo to the best, I recommend woven plastics or leather over the hard plastic alternatives.  Rolled leather is also an effective option.

The contact points for the shock collar often come with silicone covers.  These go a long way to protecting your doggo’s neck skin from irritation. 

I need Two Dog Collars Now?

You might not think about it until you make the purchase but many shock collars do not have a connector for a leash.  This means if you are training your Husky outside you will need both a shock collar and a normal harness.

Many owners looking to purchase a shock collar might not care if they already have a collar or harness that works.  However if you think two collars look goofy or if you are hoping to knock out two birds with one stone in this purchase, you will want a shock collar with a hook attachment.  

Geared up Husky

Modes and Settings

Although traditionally called shock collars for their electrifying current, most modern training collars come with non shock modes.  These alternative options allow you to find what your doggo responds best to. 

  • Beep.  It’s as simple as it sounds.  A sharp pitched beep immits from the collar.  Most dogs dislike this sound enough to stop immediately when they hear this noise.
  • Vibration.  Sometimes the strong vibrating from the collar motor is all it takes to get your Husky’s attention.  This fast vibration stimulates your dog’s sense of feeling.  If a beep is insufficient the vibration setting is often all it takes to cause your Husky to obey. 
  • Single shock.  As the name implies this gives a brief single shock to your dog.  
  • Continuous shock feed.  Best used at a low shock level, this steady shock feed continues until your dog stops their behavior.  This is ideally suited for dogs that don’t notice the single shock or fail to quickly make the connection between their behavior and the shock. 
  • Variable shock settings.  Most shock collars come with shock settings that vary from “barely felt”  to “mild pain.”  I recommend you start with a low setting first and work your way up only if needed.  

Channels for Multiple Dogs

Many shock collar remotes offer programming to connect to multiple collars at the same time.  If you are training multiple dogs at the same time it may be cheaper to buy two collars and one remote of the same type.  

This need will again vary on the type of training you plan on doing.  You may find it easier to just swap out the same collar between dogs and train one at a time.  

If you are using the collars to train your dogs against poor behaviors such as jumping, you may benefit from collars on all of your dogs at once.  


Most shock collars will tout their range of use as a key feature.  In my experience I found it rare to need the remote further than 20 feet from the collar.  Some of these products are advertised as reaching over 1000 feet! 

If you are like me and think that is a bit overkill you may save some cash(or battery life) with a version with shorter range.  

Battery Life

For electric shock collars you will need batteries for both the collar and the remote. You will either use disposable batteries or rechargable ones that should come with a charging cable.  

It is unlikely you will need to recharge the remote unless you accidentally leave it on for weeks.  However the battery life on the collar can fluctuate based on the brand you purchase.  I recommend getting a rechargeable collar so that you can use it over the course of multiple dogs if needed without purchasing more batteries.  

Waterproof Collars

Many Huskies love to play in water.  Some enjoy swimming in the heat of summer. If your doggo is one of these you will want to consider how waterproof your shock collar is before purchase.

Most shock collars claim to be water resistant at minimum but some claim to be fully waterproof.  If your dog is a swimmer be sure to pick a collar that can keep up with your Husky’s lifestyle.  

Make sure you read the pros and cons in our recommendations closely though.  Some brands claiming to be waterproof are less effective than they claim to be.  


There are many factors to consider when looking for the best training shock collar for your Husky.  Your doggo’s personal training needs will help you decide which one is best.

Based on our research we believe the Sport Dog SD 425 is the best overall choice.  The professional grade quality and features make this collar the one to beat. 

The Savvy pick for those who are looking for a quality collar made to last is the PetSpy P620. The P620 is at the top of it’s class for us amature pet trainers.  

The best bargain out there is the TC01 by DOG CARE.  Used by thousands of dog owners, the TC01 is the best of it’s tier.  

The neighbors will be jealous of your dog in no time!

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