The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Beds in 2022

When you think of dogs and allergies, you may first think about the unfortunate people allergic to dogs. However, dogs can also have allergic reactions. We’ve put together a review guide of the best hypoallergenic dog beds on the market so that you can minimize the effects of allergens. 

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Best OverallDogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog BedDogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
Runner-UpPetFusion Ultimate Dog BedPetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed
Savvy PickPet Support Systems Hypoallergenic Pet BedPet Support Systems Hypoallergenic Pet Bed
Bargain PickBrindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet BedBrindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed
Luxury PickKOPEKS Deluxe Round Sofa Dog BedKOPEKS Deluxe Round Sofa Dog Bed
Best Pick for Large DogsDogbed4less Extra Large Memory Foam Dog BedDogbed4less Extra Large Memory Foam Dog Bed
Best Pick for Small DogsFriends Forever Orthopedic SofaFriends Forever Orthopedic Sofa

Product Reviews for Hypoallergenic Dog Beds

Best Overall: Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is the overall best hypoallergenic dog bed. It has a simple but effective design that provides comfort and support.

Its mattress features solid hypoallergenic memory foam. It is approximately four times heavier and five times denser than other varieties of foam. This thickness prevents dust mites and other critters from entering the bed.

The thick foam also provides support for your dog’s frame and joints. While it doesn’t have side supports for the neck and head, the sturdy base could be comfortable for pups that like firm surfaces. 

It comes with two different covers, both of which are fully removable. You can wash them in the machine, which is essential for reducing possible allergens. The mattress also includes a waterproof liner to protect against any accidents. 

The main disadvantage of this bed is that it can be challenging to put together. You will need to get the thick memory foam inside of the cover, which can be challenging at first. You might like to get help from a second person.

Overall, I recommend this hypoallergenic dog bed for all breeds. It is reasonably priced and is designed to reduce allergy symptoms, making it great value for money. 


  • Features a removable cover which is machine-washable.
  • It includes a waterproof liner on top of the mattress.
  • The hypoallergenic memory foam mattress provides ample support.
  • The orthopedic bed comes in multiple sizes and can fit inside a crate.
  • It is reasonably priced for the quality.
  • The outer cover is resistant to dirt, damage and pet dander.
  • It includes an extra bed cover. 


  • The mattress doesn’t have side bolsters or supports.
  • The bed is challenging to assemble. 

Runner-Up: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is the runner-up for the best bed for hypoallergenic dogs. This bed frequently makes the list of best dog beds because of its excellent supportive design and high-quality material. 

It features thick and densely packed memory foam, which prevents dust mites and also provides orthopedic support. This design could be beneficial if you have a senior pup or one with mobility problems or aching joints.

The outer layer of this orthopedic dog bed uses a cotton and polyester blend with plenty of breathability. It is also free of any harmful fumes or chemicals that could provoke an allergic reaction. The fabric has a ‘skin contact safe’ rating and is unlikely to cause rashes on sensitive skin. 

The main drawback of this hypoallergenic dog bed is that the fabric is thin. My Golden Retriever puppy loves to dig hard into any new items, and she would be able to tear the material in minutes. If your pup is destructive like mine, you might want to reconsider this option. 

Overall, the PetFusion dog bed has a reliable design for a reasonable price. It isn’t the cheapest choice on the market, but it is well-made and great for pups with allergies. For more information you can read our full PetFusion Review.


  • The memory foam mattress is free of irritating fumes and chemicals.
  • The fabric has a ‘skin contact safe’ certification.
  • The material is a natural cotton and polyester blend.
  • You can wash the entire bed in the washing machine.
  • The mattress has four inches (10.2cm) of supportive memory foam.
  • It has side bolsters for further support.


  • It is not the most affordable hypoallergenic dog bed. 
  • You cannot machine wash the bolsters.
  • The fabric is too thin for destructive chewers. 

Savvy Pick: Pet Support Systems Hypoallergenic Pet Bed

Pet Support Systems Hypoallergenic Pet Bed

The Pet Support Systems Hypoallergenic Pet Bed is the Savvy Pick for hypoallergenic dog beds. It uses non-toxic materials that minimize the risks of any allergic reactions. 

It uses medical-grade polyurethane foam. This foam naturally resists the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and other substances that can worsen your dog’s allergy. It has a Certi-Pur safety certification and is also eco-friendly.

This foam is dense and thick, making it more supportive than some other varieties of dog beds. If your senior dog struggles with hip dysplasia or other movement issues, they may benefit from a memory foam dog bed like this one. 

The outer cover is soft and removable, so you can wash out any dirt and dust. I recommend washing it once every week or two if your doggo is vulnerable to allergic reactions. 

It is available in multiple sizes, from small to XX-large. Theoretically, this means that it is suitable for many different breeds. 

However, huge and heavy dogs may not get sufficient support from this particular bed. If you have a giant breed like a Great Dane or St. Bernard, I recommend choosing a different option. Check out my pick for large dogs in this guide. 


  • The mattress has hypoallergenic polyurethane foam.
  • It is free of toxic fumes and chemicals. 
  • The bed is available in many different sizes and colors. 
  • The mattress is thick and supportive of the joints. 
  • You can fully remove the bed cover.
  • The company manufactures in the United States. 


  • The mattress is not best suited to large dog breeds.
  • It is not the most affordable option. 

Bargain Pick: Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

The Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed is the best budget option for a hypoallergenic dog bed. It is firm yet comfortable, with non-irritating fabrics.

The mattress combines memory foam with support foam. These dual layers are dense and prevent dust mites from setting inside. The outer material is also natural and hypoallergenic, so it’s unlikely to cause a reaction.

It has a simple rectangular design with no supports. This design fits well inside standard crates and is suitable for pups that like simple surfaces. 

It includes a waterproof lining. This lining can protect the mattress from moisture, spills, and potty-training accidents. You can also fully remove the cover and wash it regularly.

However, its waterproof cover is also the main disadvantage. The fabric is thin and easy to tear, so it isn’t suitable for teething puppies or destructive chewers. Dogs that like to dig into beds may also rip the cover in no time. 

Overall, the bed is well-made for its price tag. It isn’t the most resistant choice on the market, but it’s an excellent hypoallergenic choice for non-destructive dogs. 


  • The bed is budget-friendly.
  • The combination of memory and support foam provides extra support.
  • The material is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • It includes a waterproof lining to protect the mattress.
  • You can completely remove and wash the outer cover.
  • The rectangular shape can fit in many standard crates.
  • The company is socially-conscious. 


  • It is not suitable for destructive chewers.
  • The cover is easy to tear. 

Luxury Pick: KOPEKS Deluxe Round Sofa Dog Bed

KOPEKS Deluxe Round Sofa Dog Bed

The KOPEKS Deluxe Round Sofa Dog Bed is a luxurious option if you’re searching for a hypoallergenic dog bed. It features a unique round base with cushioned walls that can provide security and support for your pampered pup.

The base uses high-quality memory foam that can support your pup and alleviate any joint pain. Because the foam is so densely packed but allows airflow, it is also a suitable hypoallergenic option. This combination means it could be ideal for older dogs with allergies. 

It has a waterproof layer to protect the premium mattress from accidents. It also has a soft, plush outer that provides comfort and warmth.

The main drawback of this hypoallergenic dog bed is the zipper. Especially considering the price tag, the zipper is cheap and easily broken. Furthermore, the exterior cover can easily wrinkle. However, you can remove it altogether to wash and iron it.  

Overall, I recommend this hypoallergenic dog bed if you have the cash to spare. Especially if you have a large breed dog, the initial investment could pay off because of the long-term support. 


  • It features back, and side bolsters for spinal support.
  • The bed uses premium memory foam for mobility problems.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause a reaction.
  • It has a waterproof inner cover. 
  • It comes in large sizes for bigger dogs.
  • The outer material is soft and comfortable. 
  • The bottom is resistant to slipping and maintains stability. 


  • The cost is a significant investment.
  • The zipper is breakable.
  • The cover wrinkles easily. 

Best Pick for Large Dogs: Dogbed4less Extra Large Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Extra Large Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Dogbed4less Extra Large Memory Foam Dog Bed is the best hypoallergenic option for large breeds. It comes in multiple sizes up to Jumbo, which can easily accommodate giant breeds.

The mattress has a thick layer of premium-quality memory foam. This solid foam naturally prevents dust mites and other allergens from entering and settling inside the bed. It also supports your dog’s weight and could help to relieve pressure and pain.

If you live in a hot climate or your older dog is prone to overheating, you’ll appreciate the layer of cooling gel in the mattress. It uses the weight of your pup to cool the surface of the bed. However, you can also cover it with a blanket during winter. This provides cooling without being a fully elevated dog bed.

The mattress has a simple rectangular design, which makes it ideal for inside crates and cages. However, it is quite thick, so it may not be suitable for senior dogs with severe mobility issues. They may struggle to get on and off the mattress pad.

Furthermore, while it features a waterproof inner lining, this feature is not entirely resistant to water. If you have a potty-training puppy or a senior with incontinence, this may not be the best option. Your dog’s bed might not be fully safe unless you add an additional layer.

Overall, I recommend this affordable option for large breed dogs with allergies. 


  • It is available in multiple sizes up to Jumbo.
  • The mattress uses hypoallergenic and supportive memory foam. 
  • The memory foam includes cooling gel for hot climates.
  • It is reasonably priced for the size.


  • The thickness may not be suitable for severe mobility problems.
  • The inner lining is not entirely waterproof. 

Best Pick for Small Dogs: Friends Forever Orthopedic Sofa

Friends Forever Orthopedic Sofa

The Friends Forever Orthopedic Sofa is my pick if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic bed for a smaller dog. 

It uses human-grade orthopedic foam, which essentially means that it is comfortable enough for a person to sleep on. The mattress is dense and offers natural hypoallergenic properties with ample airflow. 

Its cover is resistant to dirt, dust, and water. You can also easily remove it for regular washes. I recommend washing it once a week if your pup is prone to allergies. 

The enclosed design with side and back bolsters could help smaller dogs to feel protected. This design could also benefit side sleepers that like extra back support. If you have a snoring breed like a French Bulldog, the neck support could help this issue. 

The main disadvantage of this dog bed is that the cover is too thin for destructive pups. If your dog likes digging or chewing, it may rip easily through the exterior. Therefore, it’s probably not a good option for young, teething puppies. 

It also doesn’t come in a medium size. If your pup is an in-between size, you may like to consider a different option. 

Overall, I recommend this dog bed for non-destructive small dogs. It is comfortable and supportive, with enough airflow to prevent allergic reactions. 


  • The orthopedic foam mattress is hypoallergenic and offers support.
  • It includes a waterproof liner against potential accidents.
  • The enclosed bolster design is excellent for side sleepers.
  • You can remove and wash the cover.
  • The cover is resistant to fur, dirt, and water. 
  • Great for a small dog.


  • The cover is thin and not suitable for destructive chewers.
  • The bed is not available in a medium size. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Hypoallergenic Dog Bed

Infographic entitled "what factors are most important when choosing a dog bed." Described in the paragraph that follows the image.

Community Insight

At Savvy Doggo we often conduct polls to find what our readers think is important. The infographic above shows data collected from a recent poll of dog bed shoppers on Savvy Doggo. We captured 127 responses from readers in 11 different countries!

You shared with us that the following factors are most important when finding the ideal dog bed.

  1. Durability. 30.7%
  2. Ease of Washing. 25.9%
  3. Material. 19.7%
  4. Price. 13.3%
  5. Shape/Style 10.2%

For most dog owners having a long lasting and easy to maintain bed outweighs style points or price considerations. Every pup has unique attributes that means there is no “one size fits all.” However these priorities can help guide your search for your doggo’s next bed.

Dog Scratching

Can my dog be allergic to his bed?

Some dogs can have allergic reactions to their bedding. However, it’s not usually to the bed itself, but to what is inside.

Mattresses can provide homes for dust mites and fleas, which can create allergic reactions in dogs. These critters can come into the bed from the outside world. They feed on the dogs’ skin cells, which collect in the bedding. 

If the insects are present in the bed, your dog may have an allergic reaction. 

If your dog has an allergic reaction, you may notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Continual scratching
  • Inflammation around the face and ears
  • Red patches of swollen skin
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose and eyes
  • Licking or nibbling 

If you notice your dog has frequent allergic reactions, you should take him to the vet for a checkup. If he has a severe reaction, take him immediately to an emergency vet. 

As a responsible dog owner it is a good practice to watch for these symptoms often because dog allergies can develop over time.

If you want to learn more about allergic reactions in dogs, you can check out this video.

Dogs aren’t allergic to beds themselves but may react to the environmental allergens that can get trapped in bedding. Find a bed that is easy to wash and allows for good airflow to reduce the allergen load.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

What does hypoallergenic bedding mean?

Hypoallergenic beds have a design that minimizes allergic reactions. They do not completely solve the problem. However, they can avoid creating conditions where a house dust mite or other particles might collect.

They usually achieve this with a thick base, breathable fabrics, and natural fibers unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

You should not confuse hypoallergenic with anti-allergy mattresses. Mattress manufacturers may spray or treat the latter option with chemicals that kill dust mites. However, this is not a standard design for dog beds. 

What is the best hypoallergenic mattress?

The best hypoallergenic mattresses usually have a thick construction. They commonly have memory foam, which is densely packed. This density prevents dust mites from penetrating the fibers and making a home.

The outer covering of the mattress is also essential. Natural fibers like cotton are the least likely to create an allergic reaction. 

Whichever fabric you choose, it should have a tight weave that prevents particles from falling through. If you can also clean and wash the mattress, you can reduce the likelihood of dust mite infestations. 

Breathable fabric allows sufficient airflow. This movement of air is essential to avoid the accumulation of moisture and the growth of mold. Mold is another common source of allergies for dogs and humans. 

Which beds should you avoid for dogs with allergies?

If your dog has allergies, there are certain kinds of beds that you should avoid. It depends on your specific animal and its sensitivity, but there are some general rules.

Loosely packed mattresses are problematic for dogs with allergies. The gaps between the stuffing allow fleas and dust mites to penetrate quickly and set up shop. The denser the filling, the harder it is for them to enter.

Harsh synthetic fabrics can also trigger allergic reactions. Especially if they have been treated with flame retardants or other chemicals that make allergies worse. Materials with a thin weave also allow dust mites to enter the mattress. 

How to reduce allergic reactions in dogs

Dalmation in bed

Depending on the type of allergy, there are a few things you can do to reduce reactions in your dog. 

Besides buying a hypoallergenic dog bed, you should also consider washing it frequently at 60℃ (140℉). Take the time to get out the dust and dirt, so no insects can live inside. 

You can air out the bedding every day. When your dog is not using it, you can hang out the bed in a well-ventilated area to avoid moisture and mold. You should also try to replace the mattress every few years. A raised dog bed that airs out constantly can be effective.

You might consider taking your dog for allergy testing. Vets can run tests that identify the specific allergens for your pup. Once you have identified the particular substance, you can try to limit exposure as much as possible.

Vets also provide some treatments for the symptoms. These treatments include antihistamines, injectable medications, or even steroids. Depending on the allergen and the severity of the reaction, medications may differ. 

There is also a course of treatment called immunotherapy. Vets can inject your dog with the allergy-causing substance in small amounts over a long period. This process can help your dog’s immune system become used to it and have a smaller reaction. 

There is no “one size fits all” approach to allergy treatment. Your vet may recommend prescription anti-inflammatory and anti-itch medications, antibiotics, topical therapies, and prescription diet trials for your pup depending on his or her individual needs. Allergies are often a life-long problem and will not be “cured” with one simple course of treatment.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

Which dog breeds have more allergies?

Allergies are common across all dog breeds. Experts believe that at least some allergies are inherited and passed on through the genes. 

Allergic reactions usually present themselves after at least six months. By the time your dog is one to two years old, you should be able to tell if he has recurrent allergies. 

Allergies are a common affliction in all types of dogs. Golden Retrievers, Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, West Highland Terriers, Wheaten Terriers, Labradors, and German Shepherd Dogs are just some of the breeds in which allergies are a common problem.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM


In conclusion, the Best Overall hypoallergenic dog bed is the Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed. It combines sensitive materials with thick and supportive memory foam.

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is the Runner-Up. You can entirely remove the covering and clean it, plus it has a supportive design. 

We chose the Pet Support Systems Hypoallergenic Pet Bed for the Savvy Pick. It uses fabric that avoids any allergic reactions and is fully washable. 

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog bed at a specific price range or size of dog, we have that covered in this guide as well. 

Allergies can be a pain, but there’s no reason why your dog has to suffer. By buying them hypoallergenic bedding and washing it frequently, you can reduce the likelihood of dust mites and fleas.

If your dog is still struggling, we suggest taking them to the vet for allergy testing. They may be able to provide some relief for the symptoms. By being proactive about your dog’s allergies, you can give them the quality of life they deserve. 

All content has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Megan Teiber, DVM.

Kate Beveridge

Kate is an Australian writer and dog enthusiast. She can be found patting street dogs and caring for her mischievous Golden Retriever called Nala.

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