5 Best Gifts for Old Dogs in 2022

Older dogs need a different type of care than adults and puppies. That’s why there are gifts and items designed especially for them. If you are a dog lover that invests a lot in your pets, you might be wondering what the best gifts for senior dogs are. 

The Furhaven Orthopedic Bed is the overall best gift for old dogs. This orthopedic bed provides the ultimate lumbar and joint support, making your dog’s rest more comfortable and painless. It also has a removable cover you can easily wash in a washing machine. 

In today’s guide, I’ll take a closer look at the best gifts for old dogs. I will also give you some recommendations for how to take care of your senior doggo so that you can enjoy his company for longer. 

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Overall BestFurhaven Orthopedic BedFurhaven Orthopedic Bed
Savvy PickDexil Limited Deaf Dog CollarDexil Limited Deaf Dog Collar
Budget PickPlayology Rope Dog ToyPlayology Rope Dog Toy
Best for Small BreedsMixjoy Round Dog BedMixjoy Round Dog Bed
Best for Big BreedsPet Honesty Senior Multivitamin Dog TreatsPet Honesty Senior Multivitamin Dog Treats

The Best Gifts for Old Dogs (5 Top Products Reviewed)

Overall Best Dog Gift: Furhaven Orthopedic Bed

Furhaven Orthopedic Bed

The Furhaven Orthopedic Bed is the overall best gift idea for old dogs. It is a well-designed bed made of orthopedic foam and polyester for better comfort. The bed is also highly durable and provides excellent support for your dog’s joints. 

It was designed with an L-shape, similar to the edge of a couch, to offer more security and reduce separation anxiety. This orthopedic bed comes in five sizes, including Jumbo and Extra Large for the larger dogs like Great Danes and Saint Bernards. 

The bed’s surface is made of soft faux fur, which is easy on the nose and paws. This material also allows for a more comfortable snuggle and burrowing. 

Another benefit of this incredible product is its 90-day limited warranty and 60-day worry-free program. So, if you are not happy with your purchase, you can easily contact Furhaven’s customer service for a replacement. 

However, the bed doesn’t have a waterproof surface, so I do not recommend it for incontinent dogs. You should also avoid it if your dog is a destructive chewer.


  • It is an orthopedic dog bed designed for senior dogs. 
  • This bed is made of soft and supportive foam. 
  • It has a removable cover you can wash in a washing machine. 
  • It mimics the edge of a couch for more comfort. 
  • You can find it in multiple sizes, including Extra Large and Jumbo. 
  • It has a 90-day limited warranty. 


  • It is not a waterproof dog bed. 
  • I do not recommend it for aggressive chewers. 

Savvy Pick: Dexil Limited Deaf Dog Collar

Dexil Limited Deaf Dog Collar

The Dexil Limited Deaf Dog Collar is another incredible gift for your senior dog. It has an excellent design that will warn others about your dog’s lack of hearing. That way, you can prevent accidents and misunderstandings when walking your dog. 

It is a comfortable accessory that comes in two adjustable sizes. One size will fit small and medium breeds, like Poodles and Boston Terriers. The other size will fit large and extra-large breeds, like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. 

This dog collar is made of high-quality nylon and has a stainless steel “D” ring, making it a durable option. You can also find it in different designs, depending on your dog’s needs. For instance, there are collars for blind dogs, extremely nervous dogs, and aggressive doggos. 

The main drawback of this gift is that the smallest size is still too big for breeds like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians. It is also not waterproof, so you should be careful when going to the beach or pool. 


  • It can be a perfect gift for dogs with hearing problems. 
  • It is made of high-quality nylon and stainless steel. 
  • This dog collar can fit almost any breed. 
  • You can find it in designs for nervous or blind dogs.
  •  It has an adjustable design for a better fit. 


  • This dog collar is not waterproof and shouldn’t be used on the beach or pool.
  • Its smallest size is too big for extra small breeds. 

Budget Pick: Playology Rope Dog Toy

Playology Rope Dog Toy

The Playology Rope Dog Toy can be another perfect gift for older dogs. This incredible squeaky toy is made of dry-tech fibers for better durability while remaining soft and easy on the teeth so that your doggo can play without damaging his gums.

It was designed to let senior dogs keep playing even as they get older and weaker. This toy has a loud squeaker to allow old dogs with hearing problems to enjoy it. Additionally, it has an incredible scent technology that releases natural smells whenever your dog chews on it, making him want to chew more. 

This dog toy is made of hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials, making it safe for your doggo. It is also an easy to clean option you can wash in a washing machine. 

The main drawback of this dog toy is that it is not a chew-proof option. So, if your dog loves to destroy all of his toys, you should consider other models. 


  • This dog toy was designed for old dogs. 
  • It has a durable surface made of soft materials. 
  • It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 
  • The toy has a powerful squeaker inside. 
  • It will protect your dog’s gums and teeth. 
  • You can easily wash it in a washing machine. 
  • It has a strong scent to attract your dog’s attention. 


  • It is not an ideal option for aggressive chewers. 

Best for Small Breeds: Mixjoy Round Dog Bed

Mixjoy Round Dog Bed

The Mixjoy Round Dog Bed is an excellent dog bed for smaller and medium breeds like Pugs and Corgis. The bed has the shape of a big donut, ideal for senior dogs that love burrowing or cuddling.

It is made of soft faux fur, polyester, and high-quality nylon for better comfort and durability. The bed is also lightweight and portable, excellent if you constantly travel with your dog. Additionally, this dog bed has an anti-slip design to prevent unwanted movement. 

This bed is easy to care for and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It provides safety for your dog as it is made of hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials. This bed can also reduce separation anxiety and destructive behavior thanks to its design. 

However, it needs hand washing and should not be put in a washing machine. The bed is durable, but the faux material might damage your washing machine’s mechanism. 


  • It is a great gift for small and medium breeds. 
  • It has a weight capacity of 25 lbs (11.3 kg). 
  • The bed has a donut shape for burrowing and cuddling. 
  • It is a lightweight and portable model.
  • This bed can help reduce separation anxiety. 
  • It is made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials. 
  • It is easy on the joints and provides good support. 


  • You cannot wash it in a washing machine. 

Best for Big Breeds: Pet Honesty Senior Multivitamin Dog Treats

Pet Honesty Senior Multivitamin Dog Treats

The Pet Honesty Senior Multivitamin Dog Treats are dog supplements with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for senior dogs. The pack comes in four flavors, so you can choose the one that your dog likes better: chicken, peanut butter, smoked salmon, and smoked duck. These supplements come in a pack of 90, which should last around three months. 

They contain probiotics to help your dog’s digestive system, vitamins to keep them healthy, and glucosamine to help their skin and joints. The supplements also have omegas and minerals to boost your dog’s immune system. 

This supplement pack includes ten different benefits in one delicious treat for your doggo. It has been specifically designed to slow down aging in big breeds. For instance, it has anti-inflammatory properties to improve the cardiovascular system. 

One of the best benefits of these supplement treats is that they have been made with natural vegetables and other ingredients, including carrots and meat. However, you should only consider this gift after consulting your veterinarian. 


  • This delicious treat can be the perfect gift for senior gifts. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • This supplement has vitamins, minerals, and omegas. 
  • It is an excellent way to protect your dog’s joints and hips. 
  • It can boost your dog’s digestive and immune systems. 
  • The supplement has a nice flavor your dog will most likely love. 
  • It has 90 treats that should last for around three months. 
  • It was designed to slow down aging in larger dogs. 


  • You should only use it if your veterinarian approves. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Gift for a Senior Dog

What Is the Best Gift to Give to a Senior Dog?

These are the best types of gifts for senior dogs available: 

  • Soft toys: Older dogs do not have the same strength in their teeth and gums as young puppies. That’s why, when buying toys for them, you need to find a model with a soft surface that is still durable.
  • Beds with joint support: Senior dogs often suffer from many conditions, but joint pain is the most common. Their bones and joints are not as strong as they used to be, meaning standard dog beds will not be comfortable for them. To help them rest better, you need to find an orthopedic dog bed with good support and a soft surface. 
  • Dog treats and supplements: If you are a dog owner, you need to know what supplements are. They can help reduce many of the symptoms of aging, including joint pain and low energy. 
  • Comfortable accessories: When buying accessories for your furry friend, you need to consider their comfort. Older dogs tend to have problems with their skin, so most collars and harnesses can be uncomfortable for them. To help them stay comfortable, you should buy accessories made of hypoallergenic materials with soft surfaces. 

Things to Avoid When Buying a Gift for an Older Dog

These are the things you need to avoid when buying a gift for an old dog:

  • Hard toys: Senior dogs do not have the same strength in their mouths and gums, so hard toys will likely make them bleed. They can also break your dog’s teeth, which will require a trip to the emergency vet. 
  • Beds with no support: Regular beds are fine for adult dogs, but senior dogs need more support. Their bones and joints do not have enough strength, and sleeping on regular beds can be difficult and painful. 
  • Cheap accessories: Cheap materials can irritate your dog’s skin, especially senior dogs with skin allergies. Avoid collars or harnesses made of cheap materials as much as possible. 

How to Take Care of an Old Dog as a Responsible Dog Owner

Seniors dogs require a different type of care than adults or puppies. They need to stay active to remain healthy, but they don’t have the energy and endurance they used to have. That’s why I recommend dog owners to go for longer walks a couple of times a day. That way, you’ll prevent muscle loss, reducing the symptoms of aging. 

I also recommend dog owners to go to the veterinarian once a year or more to do blood tests. This yearly checkup can help you prevent severe diseases that affect senior dogs. It is especially helpful if your dog suffers from kidney or liver problems. 

Your senior dog will probably eventually lose his sight or hearing, making it challenging for him to maneuver around the house. The best thing you can do is change his environment to make it safer for him to live in. You can also switch to dog food designed for older dogs to help him stay healthy. 


In conclusion, the Furhaven Orthopedic Bed is the Overall Best gift for senior dogs. It is an orthopedic dog bed with superior support, helping your dog rest without pain. This bed also includes a removable cover you can easily wash in a washing machine. 

The Savvy Pick is the Dexil Limited Deaf Dog Collar, a dog collar designed specifically for deaf dogs. It is made of hypoallergenic materials, and it is comfortable to wear. This collar is also affordable and has a nice look. 

When buying a gift for old dogs, pet owners should consider orthopedic beds, soft toys, supplements, and comfortable accessories. Older dogs require a different type of care so most regular gifts won’t be suitable. 

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