The Best Dog Toys for Huskies in 2022

Huskies are one of the most easily recognizable breeds, with their fluffy coats and wolf-like faces. However, they are originally working dogs and have high energy levels. If you don’t provide your Husky with enough exercise and toys, he can quickly become destructive.

The overall best dog toy for Huskies is the KONG Classic Dog Toy. You can use it independently as a chew toy or put treats inside to keep your dog interested for more extended periods. It is durable, versatile, and easy to clean. 

I discuss the best dog toys for Huskies in this buyer’s guide. I take an in-depth look at the leading options to see if they suit your dog. Lastly, I explain how much exercise and playtime your Husky needs to be happy. 

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Best OverallKONG Classic Dog ToyKONG Classic Dog Toy
Savvy PickBarkBox Tough Dog Ness MonsterBarkBox Tough Dog Ness Monster
Best Chew ToyBULLYMAKE Controller Nylon Chew ToyBULLYMAKE Controller Nylon Chew Toy
Best Tug of War ToyRedline K9 French Linen Dog Tug ToyRedline K9 French Linen Dog Tug Toy
Best Fetch ToyChuckIt! Fetch Medley Gen 3 Dog ToysChuckIt! Fetch Medley Gen 3 Dog Toys
Best Puzzle ToyAWOOF Snuffle MatAWOOF Snuffle Mat
Best Pick for PuppiesNylabone Freezer Puppy ChewNylabone Freezer Puppy Chew

Best Pick for Destructive Chewers

VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toy

VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toy

Best Pick for Dental Hygiene 

Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

Product Reviews for Husky Toys

Best Overall: KONG Classic Dog Toy

KONG Classic Dog Toy

The KONG Classic Dog Toy is the overall best dog toy for Huskies. I love Kong for its durable, versatile, and interactive toys that you can use in different games. If you’re new to the brand, the Classic could be an excellent option. 

Its hollow shape allows you to stuff treats or food inside. I like to use it as a slow feeder for my puppy or to place small treats that she has to maneuver out. Many dog owners also like to fill the core with peanut butter or canned dog food and freeze it. If your Husky is food-motivated, this could keep him engaged for longer. 

It has a unique rubber shape that bounces and wobbles around. Therefore, you can use it for games of fetch or drop it on the ground to gain your dog’s interest. Because this rubber is also durable, it can withstand chewing from most dogs. However, very destructive Huskies may be able to take it apart.

One of the disadvantages of the Kong is that the rubber material collects dirt and hair easily. Mainly if you use it as a slow feeder, your dog moving it around the ground will quickly make it dirty. Therefore, you should consider rinsing it in the sink or dishwasher regularly. 


  • You can fill it with wet or dry treats.
  • You can wipe it down or wash it in the dishwasher.
  • The durable rubber is resistant to moderate chewing.
  • It bounces, and you can use it for fetch games. 
  • You can safely freeze it. 
  • The Kong Classic is excellent value for money. 


  • It collects dirt and hair easily.
  • It may be too soft for very destructive chewers. 

Huskies need toys that are durable because they can easily chew through things, risking gastrointestinal obstruction or choking. But toys like bones or antlers are too hard and will damage their teeth. I like Kong toys because they have some “give” but are not usually torn up.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

Savvy Pick: BarkBox Tough Dog Ness Monster 

BarkBox Tough Dog Ness Monster

The BarkBox Tough Dog Ness Monster is the Savvy pick for Huskies. It has a cute design and super durable materials that can hold up to powerful chewers. If you’re sick of constantly replacing chew toys, it could be a worthwhile investment. 

It has a mixture of nylon and hard rubber, with multiple textures. Paired with the different shapes that your Husky can grip, it could be enticing for dogs that like different sensory inputs. These ridged edges can also massage your dog’s gums and promote better dental health. 

The toy is free from toxic materials and does not break easily. Compared to some other Husky chew toys, it presents less of a choking hazard. However, the firmness of the material may be too much for Husky puppies or seniors. Keep an eye on your dog to see if the chewing causes his gums to bleed. 

Overall, this is a cute and affordable toy that can last a long time. BarkBox is also a reputable company that designs a wide variety of different toys. If you do have an issue with the toy, many people have remarked that the company has excellent customer service. 

I recommend this dog toy for Huskies who love chewing and usually destroy less durable toys.


  • It has a mixture of textures and shapes to entice chewing. 
  • The hard materials are resistant to destructive chewing.
  • It has a cute aesthetic.
  • The toy is moderately priced. 
  • It is free from toxic materials. 


  • The hard rubber and nylon may be too firm for some dogs. 

Best Chew Toy: BULLYMAKE Controller Nylon Chew Toy

BULLYMAKE Controller Nylon Chew Toy

The BULLYMAKE Controller Nylon Chew Toy is the best chew toy for Huskies. It is particularly suitable for strong and destructive chewers because of its firm construction. If you’re sick of trying to rescue your furniture or shoes, it could be a viable choice. 

The toy has a fun video game controller design. Although your dog won’t recognize it, this could be a draw if you are an avid gamer. Furthermore, the different shapes, raised edges, and textures of the controller toy can make chewing more enjoyable for your Husky.

BULLYMAKE fully designs and manufactures their products in the United States. If you are worried about sustainability and the local economy, this could be an advantage for you. Furthermore, the toy has excellent quality control with FDA approval and no toxic materials. 

The firmness of the BULLYMAKE toy makes it an excellent option for destructive chewers. It is made of hard nylon, which does not splinter easily. However, you should still supervise your Husky with this item. If he does break off small pieces, they could be sharp and potentially dangerous. 

Overall, this isn’t the cheapest dog toy for Huskies. However, it is long-lasting and has an aesthetically pleasing design. It may not suit gentle chewers, but I recommend it for powerful and destructive dogs. 


  • It suits aggressive chewers.
  • It has different shapes and textures.
  • The toy is fully American designed and made.
  • It has a fun design. 
  • The materials are safe, and FDA certified. 


  • It is one of the pricier dog toys for Huskies. 
  • It may not suit gentler chewing styles. 
  • The edges could become sharp over time. 

Best Tug of War Toy: Redline K9 French Linen Dog Tug Toy

Redline K9 French Linen Dog Tug Toy

The Redline K9 French Linen Dog Tug Toy is the best tug of war toy for Huskies. Most other tug of war toys are made of rope, which can be dangerous if your dog tears apart and eats the fibers. Thankfully, the Redline K9 toy uses French linen, which is a much safer alternative. 

The material is flexible so that your Husky can get a grip and pull as hard as he wants. However, it is also highly resistant. The fabric has tightly woven stitching and can withstand moderate pulling power. In fact, many police training activities use this kind of material for teaching bite work. 

Because the tug does not have rope, it doesn’t present a choking hazard like other similar toys. Furthermore, you get two tugs in one pack, in case one breaks over time. Each tug has handles at either end so you can comfortably grip while your Husky pulls. 

However, you must be mindful that this is not a chew toy. You cannot leave your dog unattended with this toy after the tug of war session has ended. Otherwise, he can destroy it pretty quickly. Use the toy as intended, and you shouldn’t run into any issues. 

Overall, not every dog is drawn to tug of war or bite work. It is not necessarily an instinct for Huskies, but you know if your pup will enjoy this game or not. If so, using these toys could lead to long and stimulating tug games. 


  • You get two toys in one pack. 
  • The tugs have handles for your comfort.
  • The French linen is flexible and robust.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • The toys are not a choking hazard. 


  • You cannot let your dog interact with this toy unsupervised. 
  • Some Huskies may not like tug of war or bite work. 

Best Fetch Toy: ChuckIt! Fetch Medley Gen 3 Dog Toys

ChuckIt! Fetch Medley Gen 3 Dog Toys

The best fetch toys for Huskies are the ChuckIt! Fetch Medley Gen 3 Dog Toys. You get three different toys in one pack, each with different characteristics and play styles. If your Husky loves fetch, it could be an excellent investment. 

It has three different balls: the Classic, the Ultra, and the Rugged. The Classic is a standard option that is bouncier than the other models. Therefore, you can throw it further and encourage your Husky to run quickly and jump around. 

The Ultra model is more durable than the Classic and can also float. If your Husky likes to swim, you can encourage him to retrieve the ball from a river or lake. Lastly, the Rugged ball is more heavy-duty and can withstand dogs that chew down hard on their toys. 

Each of the balls is compatible with a ChuckIt! ball launcher. If you have access to large, enclosed areas, you can use them together to get your Husky to run further. Because the balls are bright orange, you can find them in long grass, dirt, snow, or any other terrain. 

The main disadvantage of these balls is that the orange color can fade in the sun. Therefore, you might like to store them inside or in a shady place. Overall, they are excellent dog toys for Huskies that love to chase moving objects. 


  • The pack has three different balls.
  • The Classic ball is bouncy and lightweight. 
  • The Ultra ball can float and is extra durable.
  • The Rugged ball is heavy-duty and suitable for rougher dogs. 
  • You can use all of the balls with ball launchers. 
  • The orange color is easy to locate in any environment. 


  • The color can fade from exposure to full sunlight. 

Huskies are known for their high energy! But when they don’t have an outlet for it, they can get anxious. I suggest ChuckIt fetch toys for this breed so they get enough exercise. Agility toys are also great ways to keep a Husky engaged.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

Best Puzzle Toy: AWOOF Snuffle Mat 

AWOOF Snuffle Mat

The AWOOF Snuffle Mat is the best puzzle toy for Huskies. Most Huskies are intelligent and need some mental stimulation to feel fulfilled. By giving them puzzle toys, they can use some of their brainpower and tire them out. 

Snuffle mats are an excellent choice if you want your dog to use his nose. You can hide small pieces of his food in the different fabric folds. This forces your Husky to sniff around and lift different parts to eat his meal. 

It has ropes and buckles so you can fix the mat in place and stop your dog from lifting it. This feature can be handy if your Husky realizes that flipping the mat will release all of the food. It also has a few bells to add interest. 

The material is reasonably durable and can withstand foraging and sniffing games. However, you should not leave it out. If your dog is destructive, he will be able to tear it apart in no time. 

Overall, this is an excellent option to make mealtimes more interesting for your Husky. 


  • The design encourages your dog to use his nose. 
  • It has different layers to hide food pieces. 
  • It includes a rope with buckles to fix it in place.
  • The mat has bells to keep your dog more interested. 
  • The material is durable and non-toxic. 
  • The company offers a replacement or refund warranty. 
  • You can machine-wash it on a cold cycle, and air dry it. 


  • You should not leave the mat with unsupervised destructive dogs. 
  • It has limited use. 

Best Pick for Puppies: Nylabone Freezer Puppy Chew

Nylabone Freezer Puppy Chew

The best option for Husky puppies is the Nylabone Freezer Puppy Chew. The teething period can be difficult for many owners, with puppies chewing on everything in sight. Rather than sacrificing your furniture, you should redirect your pup to suitable toys. 

When my puppy was teething, we relied on frozen treats like apples, carrots, and cloths soaked in water. The icy surface can numb your puppy’s gums, reduce his pain, and thus not make him want to chew as much. This toy serves the same purpose by allowing you to freeze it.

It is made of soft but durable material with textured edges. The raised nubs can rub against your puppy’s gums and decrease his pain. Because the nylon is also firm, it avoids breaking apart and becoming a choking hazard. 

The toy has apple and lamb flavoring throughout to capture your Husky puppy’s attention. However, it thaws pretty quickly after freezing, so you will have to freeze it frequently. The small size may also be hazardous when your puppy grows up. 

Overall, this could be an excellent option to survive your Husky puppy’s teething period. By combining the toy with natural frozen treats, redirection, and patience, you should be able to avoid destruction. 


  • The toy is budget-friendly. 
  • It is soft enough for young puppy mouths.
  • You can freeze it safely.
  • It has textured edges to reduce teething discomfort.
  • The toy has lamb and apple flavoring. 


  • Your dog will grow out of the toy. 
  • It thaws out pretty quickly. 

Best Pick for Destructive Chewers: VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toy

VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toy

The VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toy is an excellent option if your Husky is an aggressive chewer with destructive behavior. This dog toy is made with high-quality and non-toxic natural rubber to provide the best possible durability. Its star-shaped design and multi-textured surface can keep your dog entertained for long periods. 

It has a powerful squeaker inside and can bounce on almost any surface. This American-made toy can help you reduce your dog’s anxiety, stress, boredom and can be used for redirecting destructive behavior. Additionally, this dog toy has beef flavoring to maximize its appeal for dogs. 

The toy’s hollow core allows it to float, making it perfect for water play in the pool. So, I recommend it if your Husky loves swimming or being around water. The company also offers a lifetime replacement in case your dog breaks through the toy’s hard surface. 

However, its powerful squeaker can become annoying if your dog plays with it constantly. If you cannot handle the constant noise, you should consider a quieter option. 


  • It is an excellent chew toy with an almost indestructible build. 
  • The toy was made with non-toxic, eco-friendly, and natural materials. 
  • It can help reduce stress, anxiety, and destructive behavior. 
  • This American-made toy has a lifetime warranty. 
  • It is ideal for swimming pool playtime as it won’t sink. 
  • It has multiple textures and an infused beef flavor. 


  • Its powerful squeaker can become annoying if it’s used constantly. 

Best Pick for Dental Hygiene: Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

The Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy could be the best option for adult Huskies with dental issues like swollen gums and accumulated tartar. This toy’s design helps clean your dog’s teeth. You can even add dog toothpaste to the surface to help with your dog’s breath and cavity problems. 

It has a multi-textured surface with the shape of a cactus, which will entertain your dog for long periods. This dog toy has the right dimensions for large breeds like Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Pitbulls. It has an overall width of 1.6 inches (4 cm), a total height of 5.9 inches (14.9 cm), and weighs only 0.4 lbs (200 g). 

This dog toy is highly durable without compromising its soft and elastic surface. Additionally, the company offers a worry-free warranty of two years. So, if the toy breaks, you’ll get a free replacement. However, this dog toy is chew-resistant, not chew-proof, and won’t endure destructive behavior. 


  • This dog toy can help improve your dog’s dental hygiene. 
  • You can add toothpaste to its surface for better results. 
  • It has a multi-textured design, ideal for entertaining your dog for long periods. 
  • It has the right dimensions for large breeds. 
  • This dog toy is highly durable, soft, and elastic. 
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty. 


  • It is not made for aggressive chewers. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose Dog Toys for Huskies

Husky trots towards owner in the snow

What Makes the Best Husky Dog Toy?

These are essential factors to consider when choosing dog toys for Huskies:

  • Size: Adult Husky males weigh between 45 and 60 pounds (20.4 and 27.2kg), while females are between 35 and 50 pounds (15.9 and 22.7kg). This makes them medium-sized dogs, and you should buy toys accordingly. If in doubt, go for a slightly larger model that they can’t swallow.  
  • Age: Puppies and seniors have unique needs. Husky puppies go through a teething period, where they need soft but durable materials to ease their discomfort. Furthermore, senior Huskies may have dental issues and need more delicate surfaces to avoid further complications. 
  • Chewing style: Some dogs like to nibble on their toys gently. Like my Golden Retriever, others make it their life’s mission to tear open and destroy their possessions. Depending on your Husky’s chewing style, you will need a certain level of durability. 
  • Versatility: Some toys allow your dog to chew them, pull on them, and chase them during a game of fetch. If your Husky has a varied playstyle, you may want to consider a versatile option. 
  • Novelty: Dogs get bored easily, especially if they are intelligent. Choosing toys with different textures, smells, tastes, and sounds could keep your pup more interested. 
  • Safety: Make sure that your Husky cannot chew off and swallow any small pieces. Otherwise, the toy could be a choking hazard. 

What to Avoid in Dog Toys for Huskies?

You should generally avoid these characteristics when choosing Husky toys:

  • Teddy bears and stuffed animals: While teddy bears are cute, they are too fragile for most Huskies. If your dog likes to tear apart his toys, he can pull out the stuffing in no time. This is a waste of your money and can also be a choking hazard. 
  • Rope toys: Rope toys are very popular options for tug of war. However, they can be hazardous if your dog pulls apart the tiny fibers. He may choke on them, or they can get caught up in his digestive system. 
  • Small items: Your Husky may try to swallow small toys. If he manages to do it, it could get stuck in his throat or further down in his intestines. You should also avoid toxic plastics and other hazardous materials. 

It is important to remember that puppies have different needs than adults. Their teeth are more fragile and their jaws are still immature. Damage to a puppy’s teeth or jaw can result in poor dental alignment as an adult, so hard chew toys must be avoided and tug-of-war games should be very gentle.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

How Much Exercise Do Huskies Need?

Two huskies play in the snow

Huskies are a working breed. Historically they have pulled sleds across the snow for long distances. Therefore, they are strong and active dogs that love to run. You should provide around one hour of exercise every day for your Husky.

If your Husky doesn’t get enough exercise, he may become bored quickly. A bored Husky is usually a destructive one, so he may destroy his dog bed or dig holes in your backyard. By developing an exercise routine, you can avoid most of these issues.  

Are Huskies Playful Dogs?

Huskies are usually playful dogs. They like to play with their human families and can get along with other dogs. Because Huskies have a lot of energy, you should engage in high-intensity play and vary the games you choose. 

However, you should not allow them to play with cats or smaller animals. Huskies have a strong hunting instinct, called a prey drive. This means that they like to chase and even kill smaller animals. 

How Can I Keep My Husky Entertained?

You should vary exercise and games to keep your Husky entertained. You can try any of the following activities:

  • Long hikes
  • Swimming
  • Running in large, enclosed spaces
  • Agility sports
  • Sniffing challenges like snuffle mats or hiding items in your yard
  • Games of fetch
  • Tug of war
  • Puzzle toys
  • Obedience training
  • Dock diving

If your dog gets bored quickly, you should vary the activities frequently. Dogs need both physical and mental exercise to feel tired and satisfied, so try a few different options regularly. 

If you have limited access to outdoor spaces, you may need to get more creative. This video walks you through some indoor activities and exercises.


In conclusion, the Best Overall dog toy for Huskies is the KONG Classic Dog Toy. This iconic model can be a slow feeder, puzzle toy, or an ordinary chew toy, depending on your dog’s needs. 

The Savvy Pick is the BarkBox Tough Dog Ness Monster. It is durable and has a variety of textures to engage destructive dogs for more extended periods. 

When choosing dog toys for Huskies, consider your pup’s size, age, and chewing style. You should opt for durable materials with novelty features that you can use in various games.

Overall, most Huskies have a high energy level and need a lot of exercise. By investing in durable dog toys and varying activities, you should be able to keep your dog stimulated. As they say, a tired dog is a good dog. 

All content has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Megan Teiber, DVM.

Kate Beveridge

Kate is an Australian writer and dog enthusiast. She can be found patting street dogs and caring for her mischievous Golden Retriever called Nala.

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