Best Dog Beds for Diggers in 2022

Have you noticed your dog digging in his bed just right before sleeping? If that’s the case, then you probably already know a regular bed won’t cut it. Dogs are creatures of instinct, and many of them instinctually dig outside and in their beds. For these dogs, you need a durable mattress that can withstand constant digging while remaining comfortable. 

The overall best dog bed for diggers is the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed. It offers excellent support, thanks to its high-density foam. This bed includes a durable cover that can withstand scratching and digging. However, it will lose its shape after some months of use. 

In this article, I take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of the best dog beds for diggers. I also give you all the details you need to choose the right one for your dog.

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Best OverallFurhaven Orthopedic BedFurhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed
Runner-UpThe Dog’s Balls Orthopedic BedThe Dog’s Balls Orthopedic Bed
Savvy PickK9 Ballistic Nesting Dog BedK9 Ballistic Nesting Dog Bed
Budget PickFloppy Dawg Store BedFloppy Dawg Store Bed
Best for Cold ClimatesGM Pet Supplies Cuddler BedGM Pet Supplies Cuddler Bed
Best for Warm ClimatesVeehoo Elevated Dog BedVeehoo Elevated Dog Bed
Best for Puppies K9 Ballistic Round Dog BedK9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed

Product Reviews for Dog Beds for Diggers

Best Overall: Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed is an affordable dog bed for diggers made of high-quality materials. It uses high-density foam to provide superior support for your dog while he rests. The bed is also soft to the touch, smooth, comfortable, and has the right size to accommodate any dog, even the extra-large ones. 

It has a durable cover that can withstand scratching and chewing. However, the cover won’t resist constant chewing, so it is better to avoid using it for puppies. 

In addition to the bed’s durability, you can also remove the cover for an easier cleaning process. It is also washable in a washing machine and waterproof. 

Furhaven also offers a 90-limited coverage in case of any material defects and a 60-day worry-free program, allowing you to return the bed if you are not happy with it. 

The main drawback of this model is that the orthopedic foam will lose its shape after some months of constant use. So, if you are looking for a more durable dog bed for your furry companion, you should consider other models. 


  • It is made of memory foam. 
  • This dog bed is smooth, soft, and comfortable. 
  • It comes in five sizes, including Jumbo and Extra Jumbo.
  • This bed was specially designed for scratchers and diggers. 
  • It includes a removable cover. 
  • This model is easy to clean and wash. 
  • It has a waterproof surface. 
  • The company offers a 90-day limited coverage. 
  • It includes a 60-day worry-free program. 
  • It is an affordable option made of high-quality materials.


  • The bed is not ideal for heavy chewers or teething puppies. 
  • The foam will lose its shape after a couple of months of use. 

Runner-Up: The Dog’s Balls Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Dog's Balls Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Dog’s Balls Orthopedic Dog Bed is another high-quality option that can withstand scratching and digging. It uses orthopedic foam to provide the best possible support for your dog, especially if he suffers from hip dysplasia or other medical problems. Because of its support, this model can also be helpful for breeds predisposed to joint issues. 

Furthermore, this bed is entirely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if your dog has accidents at night. The mattress includes a removable cover that can endure constant digging and scratching. This cover is also waterproof and machine-washable, allowing for a faster and easier cleaning process. 

It has an elegant design that can match the style of any modern house. However, the foam it uses is not as thick as other models on this list. If you want a bigger and thicker model, you should consider other options. The foam is also not as durable as the cover and probably won’t last more than a year of constant use. 


  • It uses memory foam for better support. 
  • The entire bed is waterproof and easy to clean. 
  • It comes in five sizes, including small and extra-large.
  • This model has an elegant design to fit modern houses. 
  • It is an excellent option for diggers and scratchers.
  • It is easy on the joints and highly comfortable. 
  • This bed is ideal for dogs with hip dysplasia and other related medical issues. 
  • It includes a soft, warm, and removable cover.
  • This model is machine-washable. 


  • It is not as thick as other models on this list.
  • The orthopedic foam is not as durable as the cover.  

Savvy Pick: K9 Ballistics Nesting Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Nesting Dog Bed

The K9 Ballistics Dog Bed is the best indestructible dog bed for scratchers and diggers. It is made of chew-resistant materials, high-quality polyester, and high-density foam for the best possible sleeping experience. However, I recommend getting another model if your dog is a heavy chewer or is teething. 

It includes a removable cover. The cover is waterproof and washing-machine washable, making the entire cleaning process a lot easier and faster. You can find it in four different colors and five sizes. It even comes in a giant size, which is the ideal option if you have a large dog like a Great Dane or a German Shepherd

The bed is 100% American-made and includes a CertiPUR-US certification. K9 Ballistic also provides a 120-day warranty that covers everything but chewing damage. In addition to all of these benefits, the company also offers excellent customer service. 

Its main drawback is that it can be too tough for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, joint problems, and other related medical conditions. 


  • It is a luxurious and almost indestructible dog bed. 
  • This bed is excellent for diggers and scratchers. 
  • It includes a highly durable bed cover.
  • It allows you to choose between four colors. 
  • The bed comes in five sizes and it is ideal for large dogs. 
  • It is waterproof and washing machine-washable.
  • This model provides good comfort and support. 
  • It is an American-made option and has a CertiPUR-US certification. 
  • It comes with a 120-day warranty.  


  • This dog bed is not ideal for heavy chewers or teething puppies. 
  • It can be tough for older dogs or dogs with hip problems. 

Budget Pick: Floppy Dawg Store Bed

Floppy Dawg Store Bed

The Floppy Dawg Store Bed is an affordable dog bed for diggers and scratchers that offers many excellent benefits. It is made of a memory foam blend, providing the best support for large dogs like Golden Retrievers, Labradors, or German Shepherds. 

This bed comes in four different colors and can include an extra cover. Therefore, you can easily pick the best option for your dog’s personality. 

Additionally, the bed uses Sherpa material for the top and has piped sides, making it incredibly comfortable and durable. The cover is removable, easy to clean, and water-resistant. You only need to put it in the washing machine and follow the tag instructions. It is also a hypoallergenic model, ideal for dogs with skin allergies. 

The main drawback of this model is that it isn’t 100% waterproof, so I recommend choosing another bed if your dog has incontinence. One more drawback of this dog bed is that it only comes in one size. 


  • It is an affordable and durable dog bed. 
  • The bed is thick and offers good support. 
  • It comes in four colors and can include an extra cover. 
  • The bed is made of a memory foam blend, a sherpa top, and piped sides. 
  • It is the ideal size for large breeds like Golden Retrievers. 
  • It was designed to withstand constant digging and scratching. 
  • The bed comes with a durable and removable cover. 
  • It is washing-machine washable and easy to clean. 
  • The cover is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. 
  • Its design allows it to fit dog crates and kennels. 


  • This bed only comes in one size. 
  • It is not 100% waterproof. 

Best for Cold Climates: GM Pet Supplies Cuddler Bed

GM Pet Supplies Cuddler Bed

The GM Pet Supplies Cuddler Bed is a durable and sturdy dog bed that can keep your dog warm, even during harsh winter nights. The bed has an orthopedic design that can relieve strain on the pressure points. It also offers good support for dogs of all ages because it uses high-density foam and other high-quality materials. 

It can resist constant digging and scratches without losing its shape. It comes with a removable cover made of faux fur, making it ideal for cold climates. The cover is also easy to wash in a washing machine. However, because of the material it uses, it requires constant cleaning as it can trap dust, fur, and more. 

This dog bed has an anti-slip design that allows dogs to move on top of it without shifting the bed. The main drawback of this model is that it only comes in small, medium, and large sizes. So, if you have an extra-large or giant breed, you should consider other options. 


  • It is a durable and resistant dog bed. 
  • The bed offers a layer of support for dogs of all ages. 
  • It is an orthopedic model that helps relieve pressure points. 
  • The cover is made of faux fur to keep your dog warm.
  • It comes in three different sizes. 
  • It was designed to prevent slips.
  • It can endure constant digging and scratching. 
  • This model is washing machine-washable. 


  • It only offers three sizes: small, large, and medium. 
  • The bed needs constant cleaning. 

Best for Warm Climates: Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

The Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed is a resistant dog bed, ideal for diggers and scratches, with a design that allows for better breathability. It is elevated from the ground to improve airflow and circulation, keeping your dog cool even on the hottest days of summer. It also uses rubber and high-quality fabric to make it cool to the touch. 

The bed has a maximum weight capacity of 149 lbs (68 kg) while remaining lightweight and portable. It doesn’t require washing, and it is incredibly easy to clean. It also comes in eight colors and four sizes, including extra-large for breeds like Bernese Mountain Dogs. 

The main drawback of this model is that it can be too firm for old dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and other medical conditions. It can also be difficult to assemble because the manual doesn’t offer clear instructions. 


  • The design of this bed allows for better airflow and breathability. 
  • It comes in four sizes, including extra-large. 
  • It is made of high-quality fabric and resistant rubber. 
  • The bed is safe to use and has a good weight capacity. 
  • It has a heat-resistant, comfortable, and soft-to-the-touch surface
  • It can withstand digging and scratching. 
  • This dog bed is easy to clean and doesn’t require washing. 
  • It is lightweight and has excellent portability.
  • The bed comes in eight different colors. 


  • I do not recommend it for dogs with hip dysplasia or old dogs. 
  • The bed is hard to assemble and has a confusing installation manual. 

Best for Puppies: K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed 

The K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed is an almost indestructible dog bed that can withstand constant digging, scratching, and light chewing. However, the bed is only chew-resistant and not a chew-proof dog bed. It also has a unique doughnut design with elevated edges, ideal for puppies or a small dog that suffers from separation anxiety. 

It is a compact and lightweight model that has excellent portability. Thanks to its water-resistant surface, the cover is machine-washable and easy to clean. This bed also comes in four sizes, including extra-large for the biggest breeds. 

The bed is also soft to the touch and highly comfortable for puppies and adult dogs. However, because of the materials it uses, it can be too firm for senior dogs. So, if your dog is old, you should consider other options. The bed is also more expensive than other dog beds on this list. 


  • It is a sturdy and chew-resistant dog bed. 
  • Its design can help puppies with separation anxiety. 
  • It has elevated edges to help your puppies sleep safely. 
  • This dog bed is machine-washable.
  • It is a compact and lightweight model with excellent portability. 
  • You can easily clean it using wipes. 
  • The bed comes in four sizes, including small and extra-large. 
  • It is soft to the touch and comfortable. 


  • It is not a chew-proof dog bed, only chew-resistant. 
  • It is not the most affordable option. 
  • It can be too firm for senior dogs and dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for Diggers

Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds? 

Dogs have strong instincts, especially when it comes to sleeping. Some dogs might howl, others might do laps, and some will dig. This instinct comes from before dogs were domesticated, and they needed to create shelters for them and their puppies to survive. 

Today, when your dog is trying to dig in his bed, he is likely trying to make it more comfortable and warm. If your dog is a natural digger, he will probably dig even if the mattress is the most comfortable bed possible. 

Dogs can also dig in their beds because they feel anxious or curious about what’s inside the bed. Furthermore, they can dig to mark their territories, but that behavior is more common in males than females. 

How to Prevent a Dog From Digging? 

Here’s what you can do to prevent your dog from digging

  • Supervision: When you first give your dog a new bed, you should supervise him. If you notice he is about to start digging, you have to stand up and say “NO.” Say it loud to let him know you are in charge. You need to repeat the process every time he is about to dig until he understands it is not allowed. 
  • Trim his nails: To prevent further damage to the bed, couches, or other places, you can trim your dog’s nails. If your dog’s nails are short, he won’t be able to dig through the bed. 
  • Use toys: Dogs might dig if they feel anxious, so you can give them some toys to chew on to prevent that behavior. The toys can calm your dog’s anxiety and destructive behavior, keeping the bed safe. 
  • Get a sturdy bed: The best thing you can do if your dog is a digger is get him a sturdy bed. The more durable the bed is, the more difficult it will be for him to dig through it. For instance, Big Barker or K9 Ballistics specialize in almost indestructible dog beds. 

What Is the Best Dog Bed for Diggers?

These are the aspects you should consider when buying dog beds for diggers: 

  • Durability: The best thing you can do is find the most durable and resistant dog bed available. I recommend looking for a chew proof dog bed. If a bed can withstand constant chewing, it will likely hold up to continual digging and scratching. 
  • Comfort: It is vital to give your dog a comfortable space to sleep. If your dog doesn’t like the bed, he probably won’t use it. You can try a K9 Ballistics or a Big Barker model if you want both durability and comfort. 
  • Price: Chew-proof dog beds and mattresses for diggers are some of the most expensive models on the market. The materials they use to produce these beds will withstand almost anything your dog can do. So, keep that in mind before buying, especially if you are looking for a sturdy dog bed for a giant breed because it will be expensive. 
  • Machine-washable: Dog beds need to be easy to wash because they get dirty really fast. As a rule, it is good to clean the mattress at least once a week to prevent allergens and bacteria from accumulating inside the bed. A dog bed that is washing-machine washable will make the cleaning process a lot easier. 
  • Hypoallergenic material: You should consider getting a hypoallergenic model if your dog has allergies. Regular dog beds can trap dust mites and other allergens, which can trigger your dog’s allergies.

What to Avoid When Buying a Dog Bed for Diggers? 

Here are the characteristics you should avoid in a dog bed for diggers: 

  • Cheap covers: The main thing you need to avoid when buying a dog bed for diggers is a cheap cover. Dogs that love digging will go through any cheap cover material as if it were a sheet. 
  • Uncomfortable design: If the dog bed has an awkward design, chances are your dog won’t like it. If your dog doesn’t like the bed, he won’t use it at all, and it won’t matter if it is the perfect dog bed for diggers. 
  • The wrong size: I always recommend getting a dog bed bigger than your dog. My dog loves moving around when she sleeps, so she gets uncomfortable when she doesn’t have space. To allow her to sleep comfortably, I bought her a dog bed that provides plenty of room for movement. 
  • Toxic materials: If the best won’t resist digging, then your dog will get to the foam or stuffing. That can be very dangerous, especially if he likes to eat anything new he sees. That’s why it is essential to get a bed that doesn’t use any toxic materials. 
  • Difficult to clean: The last thing you should avoid is buying a difficult-to-clean dog bed. You’ll need to clean the mattress many times a month. If the process is challenging, it will consume more of your time. 


In conclusion, the Overall Best Dog Bed for Diggers is the Furhaven Orthopedic Bed. This bed is highly comfortable, sturdy, and affordable. It uses high-quality foam and other soft materials to provide the best sleeping experience. However, it doesn’t have the best durability as it will lose its shape after some months of use. 

Overall, when buying a dog bed for a digger, you need to focus on resistance and sturdiness. If the mattress doesn’t use highly durable materials, it won’t hold up against the constant digging. I recommend choosing brands like Big Barker and K9 Ballistics that focus on creating resistant and comfortable dog beds.

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