The Best Dog Beds for Corgis in 2022

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are famous for being loved by Queen Elizabeth II from England. However, if you own one of these precious dogs, you will also appreciate their sweet natures and active lifestyles. They need a comfortable pet bed just like any other breed so they can be healthy and happy. 

The overall best dog bed for Corgis is the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. It is highly-rated for its premium memory foam mattress, supportive bolsters, and hypoallergenic materials. It has the right mix of support and comfort for a Corgi. 

This review guide takes an in-depth look at the best dog beds for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I let you know what to look for and what to avoid so that you can make the best choice for your precious pup.

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Best OverallPetFusion Ultimate Dog BedPetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed
Runner-UpBest Friends by Sheri Cozy CuddlerBest Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler
Savvy PickThe Dog’s Bed Orthopedic BedThe Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Bed
Best Pick for PuppiesPet Craft Supply Soho BedPet Craft Supply Soho Bed
Best Pick for Senior DogsBarkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Dog Bolster BedBarkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Dog Bolster Bed
Best Hypoallergenic PickBrindle Waterproof Designer Dog BedBrindle Waterproof Designer Dog Bed
Best Pick for Cold ClimatesBarkbox 2-in-1 Donut CuddlerBarkbox 2-in-1 Donut Cuddler
Best Pick for Hot ClimatesK&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet CotK&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Cot
Budget PickFurhaven Pet Round SnuggeryFurhaven Pet Round Snuggery
Luxury PickSealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer TechnologySealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer Technology

Product Reviews for Corgi Dog Beds

Best Overall: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is the best overall dog bed for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Its best feature is the memory foam mattress, which has 2.5 inches (6.4cm) of supportive material. If you are worried about hip dysplasia or joint pain, it could be a good investment. 

It is also an excellent hypoallergenic option. The bed combines a dense mattress with a breathable cover. It is also free from hazardous smells or chemicals, making it a safe choice for your pup. 

The cover is resistant to stains and water, protecting the mattress. You can also pull off the exterior and put it in the washing machine as needed. However, the fabric is a bit thin and may not suit Corgis that chew or like to dig into their beds. 

It can also be challenging to assemble the memory foam bed. Its cover is very tight, so you may struggle to push the filling inside the bolsters. However, these supports are essential to elevate your Corgi pup’s neck or a firm surface for his back. 

Overall, I recommend this orthopedic dog bed for Corgis of all ages. Provided that your dog isn’t destructive, you should be able to get several years of use. For more information check out our full PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Review.


  • The mattress uses memory foam to reduce joint pain.
  • The raised bolsters allow your dog to use them as back support or as a pillow. 
  • The outer cover is hypoallergenic and uses a cotton and polyester blend. 
  • The material is free from toxic odors or chemicals. 
  • You can take off the cover to wash it. 
  • The exterior is resistant to water and stains. 


  • The fabric may be too thin for chewers or diggers. 
  • It is challenging to put the fillers inside the cover. 

Runner-Up: Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler

The Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler is the runner-up for Corgis. It has a round bed design with a blanket that stretches across the top. Therefore, it is a warm and cozy option for Corgis to cuddle and feel secure while they sleep. 

It has cushioned walls and a padded base. Your pup can use the edges to support their body, especially if he likes to sleep curled up. However, the bottom may not be supportive enough if you have an older dog or large-sized Corgi. 

Each of the materials is of high quality and poses no health problems. You can also use a washing machine and dryer with the donut dog bed, making it easy to keep fresh and clean. The mattress bottom is also resistant to water and dirt to ensure overall cleanliness. 

It uses a combination of faux fur and the top blanket to trap heat inside the bed. During winter or in freezing climates, this can be a lifesaver. However, this bed is not suited to tropical weather or Corgis that overheat quickly. 

Overall, this budget-friendly bed is an excellent option for Pembroke Welsh Corgis that like to snuggle. 


  • The top blanket suits dogs that like to burrow and snuggle. 
  • The combination of faux fur and blanket keeps your Corgi warm. 
  • There are two suitable sizes for Corgis. 
  • The cushioned walls can give neck and back support. 
  • All of the materials are pet-safe, washer-friendly, and high-quality.
  • The bed is budget-friendly. 
  • The mattress bottom is resistant to liquids and dirt. 


  • It may not have enough support for older or heavier Corgis. 
  • The material is too hot for tropical climates. 

Savvy Pick: The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Bed

The Dog's Bed

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Bed is the Savvy Pick for Corgis. It has a simple but thick mattress that combines two inches (5.1cm) of support foam and two inches (5.1cm) of memory foam. This mattress could help to relieve joint pain, reduce pressure, and prevent elbow calluses. 

It is also incredibly resistant. The mattress has a waterproof liner that protects the foam, and the exterior is removable. If you have a senior Corgi or a puppy that isn’t potty-trained yet, this could save you the hassle of cleaning the mattress. 

The materials are durable and can withstand nesting or scratching behaviors. However, they are not strong enough for destructive chewers. If your pup likes to gnaw on his bed, you should consider a different option. 

The Dog’s Bed offers excellent customer service and quality control. They use two independent companies to test their products’ effectiveness, and they also sell replacement covers. Especially considering how affordable the bed is, this is a bonus. 

Overall, this dog bed for Corgis has a basic but effective design. It has a supportive mattress without bolsters, so it is a no-frills option at a reasonable price. I recommend this bed if you are worried about your Corgi’s long-term joint health. 


  • This bed is excellent value for money.
  • It has a combination of support and memory foam.
  • There are multiple colors and design options. 
  • The bed is waterproof and has a washable cover. 
  • Its design is simple but effective in relieving joint pain. 
  • The materials are durable and resistant to damage. 
  • The company has excellent customer service. 


  • The basic mattress design does not have side supports. 
  • It is unsuitable for destructive chewers. 

Best Pick for Puppies: Pet Craft Supply Soho Bed

Pet Craft Supply Soho Bed

The Pet Craft Supply Soho Bed is the best choice for Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies. It has a unique round design with contoured insides. This layout could be perfect for puppies that still feel nervous in their new home and need extra security. 

It has a supportive memory foam chip base and stuffed sides. Although most puppies do not struggle with joint problems, this could help keep them comfortable while they sleep. The inside is also plush and self-warming, perfect for winter nights or cold climates. 

You can wash the bed in a washing machine and also put it in a dryer. If your Corgi puppy has a few potty-training accidents, this can save you time. It is essential that you wash the bed properly to remove the smell of urine. 

The main disadvantage is the softness of the material. It is not as supportive as other options and is also vulnerable to chewing. During the teething periods, you will need to make sure that your pup isn’t trying to destroy his bed. 

It is also only available in a small size. If your Corgi grows to medium size, then you will need to replace the bed. However, it is affordable enough that this shouldn’t be a significant inconvenience. 


  • The bed is budget-friendly. 
  • The round design allows your Corgi to curl up and feel protected. 
  • It has memory foam and stuffed sides to provide some support. 
  • The fabric is plush and self-warming. 
  • You can wash the entire bed in the washing machine and use a dryer. 
  • The sides are contoured for extra comfort. 


  • Your Corgi may get too large for his bed as he grows.
  • The materials are too soft for destructive chewers.  

Best Pick for Senior Dogs: Barkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Dog Bolster Bed

Bark Box 2 in 1 bed

The Barkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Dog Bolster Bed is the best option for senior Corgis. It has a rectangular base with raised edges that your senior dog can climb into for a secure night’s sleep. These bolsters are also firm enough to support your dog’s spine and keep it in alignment. 

The base of the mattress uses therapeutic memory foam. This material includes cooling gel and could relieve pain if your senior pup has any mobility problems. Investing in a supportive mattress is more important than ever when your Corgi reaches his old years. 

It is also a suitable option if your Corgi struggles with incontinence. A waterproof lining protects the mattress, and the exterior cover is easy to remove. Therefore, you can clean up after accidents with minimal fuss. 

This bed is not the most affordable option. However, it could be worth the investment to support your senior pup. It also includes a free toy as a gift, which any playful Corgis are sure to love. 

Overall, I recommend this dog bed for Pembroke Welsh Corgis that need relief from their aching joints while they sleep. 


  • It has therapeutic memory foam to relieve any discomfort.
  • The mattress includes a cooling gel.
  • It has a waterproof lining and a removable cover for any accidents.
  • There are multiple sizes and colors to suit your Corgi. 
  • The rectangular design with bolsters is supportive and comforting. 
  • It includes a free toy for your pup to enjoy. 


  • It is one of the pricier options for Corgis. 
  • The bed is a bit bulky and heavy. 
  • The fabric can be noisy if your dog moves around a lot. 

Best Hypoallergenic Pick: Brindle Waterproof Designer Dog Bed

Brindle Waterproof Designer Dog Bed

The Brindle Waterproof Designer Dog Bed is the best hypoallergenic option for Corgis. The combination of a dense foam mattress and breathable fabric prevents dust mites from entering the bed. If your dog struggles with allergic reactions, it may avoid exacerbating the issue. 

It has a blend of support and memory foam, totaling four inches (10.2cm) of elevation. The bed has a simple mattress design without bolsters, but the firm foam could increase blood flow. In turn, this can reduce joint pain. 

You can choose from many stylish designs to fit the bed to your home decor. The outer fabric is also soft and resistant to dirt and damage. However, it is too gentle for a destructive chewer. If your Corgi gnaws on furniture, I don’t recommend this bed. 

I also like that the bed is waterproof. It has a thick mattress cover that completely prevents liquid from permeating the foam. Therefore, you should be able to get a few years of use out of this dog bed. 

Overall, I recommend this bed for Pembroke Welsh Corgis that live with allergies. 


  • The mattress is entirely protected by a waterproof cover.
  • It has premium memory and support foam for full-body support. 
  • The cover is soft but resistant to dirt and dog hair. 
  • The fabric and overall design is hypoallergenic and resists dust mites. 
  • It has many different color and pattern options to match your aesthetic. 
  • There are multiple sizes to suit Corgis. 
  • It is reasonably priced. 


  • It does not have bolsters or other shaped supports. 
  • The cover is not durable enough for Corgis that chew. 

Best Pick for Cold Climates: Barkbox 2-in-1 Donut Cuddler

Bark Box Calming Bed

The Barkbox 2-in-1 Donut Cuddler is the best pick for Corgis in cold climates or during the winter. It uses thick, vegan-friendly faux fur that can help keep your pup warm during the night. The round shape also supports sleeping curled up in a ball, which also preserves heat. 

The outer material resists liquids and is also light enough to camouflage dog hair. When you need to wash the bed, you can slip off the covers and put them directly in the washing machine. However, I recommend air-drying them to avoid damaging the fabric.

While the inside of the bed uses memory foam, it is in a chipped pieces format. This is one of the key disadvantages of this dog bed because it lacks a solid mattress’s support. Therefore, it may not suit senior Corgis or those with mobility problems. 

Overall, the bed is a reliable mid-range option that also includes a free squeaker toy. I recommend it if you live in a cold place and have a puppy or adult Corgi. 


  • Corgis that sleep curled up might appreciate the round shape. 
  • It has plush and soft faux fur that can keep your pup warm during the night.
  • The materials are vegan-friendly. 
  • Both covers are removable and can be put in the washing machine. 
  • The exterior is resistant to water and urine.
  • The color is neutral and also hides pale dog hair. 
  • The raised edges can increase feelings of security. 
  • It comes with a complimentary toy. 


  • The bed uses chips of memory foam rather than a solid mattress. 
  • The outer material is not the most durable option. 

Best Pick for Hot Climates: K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Original dog bed

The K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Cot is the best option for hot climates or summer nights. It has a metal frame and elevated design that allows air to circulate under and around the mesh surface. If your Corgi overheats quickly, it could help him regulate his temperature. 

All of the materials are durable and resistant. The mesh is resistant to various hazards, such as water, mold, bacteria, and foul odors. You can also clean the elevated dog bed easily, making it a healthy and hygienic option for your Corgi. 

You can assemble the frame with minimal effort, and it is resistant to chewing. It also has non-slip feet on the base to prevent any damage to floorboards or other surfaces. 

However, this bed is not suitable for dogs that like plush surfaces and warm fabrics. It is a bare cot and therefore lacks some of the creature comforts of other options. This may or may not be suitable for your Corgi, depending on his personality. 


  • It has ample airflow and helps your Corgi regulate his temperature. 
  • The cot is budget-friendly.
  • The mesh is resistant to water, mold, bacteria, dirt, and bad odors. 
  • You can spot clean the bed or wash the removable cover. 
  • The bed is extremely durable and resistant to damage. 
  • You can put the bed together without using tools. 
  • The base has slip-resistant feet. 


  • It does not have cushioning or other soft surfaces. 
  • It may not be warm enough for some Corgis. 

Budget Pick: Furhaven Pet Round Snuggery

Furhaven pet round snuggery

The Furhaven Pet Round Snuggery is the best budget-friendly option for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Although affordable, it is still of excellent quality. It has a round base and a hooded cover that allows your pup to snuggle inside and feel secure. 

It is a great choice for cold climates. The bed has a sherpa fleece lining and also traps heat inside the hood. If your dog likes to sleep with blankets or likes plush surfaces, he may love this bed. 

The bed has a round base made of supportive memory foam. Although it is not premium-quality, it provides support and could relieve some discomfort. It should be more than enough for Corgi puppies or young adults. 

You can choose between a few different color options to fit your fancy. You can also easily wash the bed, keeping the fabric in good condition and healthy for your pup. However, take care with the material because it is soft and delicate. 

The hood may fall down at times, so I don’t recommend it if your pup panics when covered with a blanket. However, burrowing sleepers shouldn’t be bothered either way. 


  • The bed is affordable but still high-quality. 
  • The hooded bed suits Corgis that like to burrow or snuggle. 
  • It uses sherpa fleece to keep your pup warm at night. 
  • The base of the mattress is supportive memory foam. 
  • There are a few different color and size options for Corgis. 
  • You can pull off the cover and machine-wash it. 


  • The fabric is too soft for teething puppies or heavy chewers. 
  • The hooded top can fall down at times. 
  • It is too warm for hot climates. 

Luxury Pick: Sealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer Technology

Sealy dog bed with quad layer technology

The Sealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer Technology is the best luxury option for Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

It has four different layers, including memory foam, orthopedic foam, HD foam, and a small cooling gel layer. Each of these components creates the best support possible and can give therapeutic relief.

It also includes bolsters on three sides, which can elevate your dog’s neck or head. This feature could help relieve snoring if this is an issue with your Corgi. 

The bed base uses charcoal to absorb bad smells and keep the bed fresh in the long-term. You can also wash the cover, although it can be annoying to fit the mattress back inside after doing so. 

Overall, the bed is one of the most expensive options for Corgis. However, it uses premium materials and top-notch construction to support your dog and last a long time. If you want to invest more initially, it could be a great option. 


  • The mattress has top-quality Quad Layer foam.
  • It has a charcoal base that absorbs and eliminates foul odors. 
  • The bed has low side bolsters for head or neck elevation. 
  • The aesthetic is attractive and can blend with your existing furniture. 
  • It includes a layer of cooling gel. 
  • The bed has hidden zippers and a non-slip base. 


  • The price may be outside the budget of some people. 
  • The bed can be challenging to assemble after cleaning. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi sitting in a tent in a well lit living room surrounded by furniture and plants

What Size Dog Bed Does a Corgi Need?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis can weigh up to 30 pounds (13.6kg). They can stand between 10 and 12 inches (25.4 and 30.5cm) tall, and there is little variation between males and females. Depending on the brand, a Small or Medium size dog bed should suit your Corgi. 

If you have a Corgi puppy, you might like to buy a bed large enough for his or her adult body. That way, you can invest in the long-term and not have to spend on a few different mattresses. You can look at your puppy’s parents’ size to get a better idea of his full height. 

Corgis are not a large breed, but they can carry a disproportionate amount of weight on their short limbs. This can lead to back pain, joint injuries, and arthritis. I recommend a firm orthopedic bed for Corgis, especially as they get older.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

The following video teaches you more about the lovable Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 

What Makes the Best Dog Bed for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

There are a few things pet parents should look for in a Corgi dog bed:

  • Premium foam mattress: Unfortunately, Corgis can get hip dysplasia. This genetic condition can cause discomfort and pain in your dog’s joints. Memory foam mattresses can reduce these symptoms by increasing blood flow. Orthopedic foam can also be effective to an extent. 
  • Climate-appropriate bedding: Corgis have a reasonable tolerance for hot and cold weather. However, if you live in either extreme, you should think about your pup’s comfort level. In freezing weather, you should opt for plush bedding or even a blanket. In hot weather, an elevated cot or cooling gel can keep your doggo comfortable. 
  • Space for your dog’s sleeping style: Whether your pup likes to nest or sprawl out, there are different bed shapes to suit their sleeping mode. Pay attention to how your dog usually snoozles and accommodate that with the mattress layout. 
  • Hypoallergenic fabric: Dogs of all breeds can develop allergies to dust mites, pollen, or other environmental factors. By choosing a dense mattress and a hypoallergenic material like cotton, you can reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions. 
  • Waterproof and/or easy to wash: Corgis are active and may carry dirt on their paws or bodies. They can also be infamously tricky to potty-train, so you may need to regularly wash the dog bed. Choosing a mattress with a waterproof liner and removable cover can simplify this process. 

What Should You Avoid in a Corgi Dog Bed?

There are several things you should avoid in a Corgi dog bed:

  • Cheap mattress: You don’t need to buy the most expensive dog bed, but cheap and nasty mattresses can do more harm than good. If it lacks the support and comfort that your Corgi needs, it could make them feel uncomfortable or even cause pain. 
  • Synthetic materials: Where possible, opt for natural fabrics or blended materials. Synthetics are less breathable, possibly causing your Corgi to overheat or increasing an allergic response. 
  • Non-removable mattress cover: Some beds do not have a removable exterior. This can be a pain when it comes to washing the bed, especially if your washing machine isn’t very large. 
  • Easy to destroy: Corgis are not known for being destructive, but all puppies go through different teething periods. Pups may chew on everything around them, including their bed, so choosing a durable mattress can be an excellent ally. 

Do Corgis Need Dog Beds?

Corgi laying down with ears up giving his owner puppy dog eyes

Corgis are family-oriented dogs and love to be close to their families. Your pup may like to sleep in your bed with you or on the couch. However, it is essential that dogs have their own sleeping space. 

In a sleep study, the Mayo Clinic found that pet owners who let their dogs sleep with them lose 3% sleep efficiency on average.

Dog beds have the necessary support and design to accommodate your pup. They are also generally easier to clean than your sheets and blankets. Corgis don’t shed a lot, but their hair can find its way into your bedding. 

Having a separate bed can also reduce stress in dogs. If you have a busy household, your Corgi may need a timeout from time to time. If they have their own mattress, they can escape from the frenzy and relax. 

Jumping out of a human bed can be jarring on a Corgi’s short limbs, causing injury. I recommend training your Corgi to sleep in his own bed instead of a human bed.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis Like to Snuggle?

Corgis are affectionate dogs and also make good candidates for Emotional Support Animals (ESA). They enjoy being close to their human family and can even get along well with other dogs. 

If your dogs like to sleep together, you can buy a larger bed to accommodate their bodies. However, you might also like to have separate beds so that your pups can sleep separately if they want. 

Do Corgis Need Blankets?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis have double coats. This means that they have an undercoat and an outer coat, which help them regulate their temperature. If you live in a temperate climate, it is unlikely that your Corgi will need a blanket.

However, during winter or in freezing climates, your pup may need extra warmth. You can offer them a blanket on their bed to increase their comfort. I recommend the PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket for its soft and comfortable material. 


In conclusion, the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is the Best Overall dog bed for Corgis. It has a wonderful supportive mattress and comfortable materials for your Corgi to enjoy. 

The Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler is the Runner-Up for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. It has a warm lining and a fabric cover for dogs that like to snuggle and nest while sleeping. 

The Savvy Pick is The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Bed. It uses superior memory and support foam to reduce joint pain and discomfort in your Corgi. 

When choosing a dog bed for a Corgi, seek out a supportive mattress and premium materials. Like other pure breeds, Pembroke Welsh Corgis can develop hip dysplasia and therefore need as much support as they can get. 

Overall, Corgis have big personalities trapped inside their small bodies. They love to be with their family and will benefit from a bed close to your bedroom. By investing in a high-quality mattress, you can give your pup the best life possible. 

All content has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Megan Teiber, DVM.

Kate Beveridge

Kate is an Australian writer and dog enthusiast. She can be found patting street dogs and caring for her mischievous Golden Retriever called Nala.

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