10 Best Collars for German Shepherds in 2022

Our team has compiled our list of the 10 best collars for German Shepherds.  There is a helpful snapshot of our grades in the following table and an in depth review for each below.  We have also included a section on buying considerations to help you understand our grading criteria.  

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Best OverallDAIHAQIKO Leather Dog CollarDAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar
Savvy PickPetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull CollarPetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Collar
Bargain PickBlack Rhino, The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog CollarBlack Rhino, The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar
 PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap BucklePetSafe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle
 BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Dog Collar for Night SafetyBSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Dog Collar for Night Safety
 Authen Bark Collar Barking Control Training CollarAuthen Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar
 GoTags Personalized Dog CollarGoTags Personalized Dog Collar
 Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Military Nylon Heavy DutyYunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Military Nylon Heavy Duty
 Blueberry Pet 15+ Colors Safe and Comfy Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe CollectionBlueberry Pet 15+ Colors Safe and Comfy Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Collection
 Didog Leather Custom Collar, Braided Leather Engraved Dog CollarsDidog Leather Custom Collar, Braided Leather Engraved Dog Collars

Product Reviews for German Shepherd Collars

DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar

Best Overall

DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar

Made of 100% genuine leather the DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar is designed to last for years.  The leather collar looks good on your dog and the natural material makes it comfortable too.

This German Shepherd collar comes with multiple color and stitching options.  I recommend using the double stitching for maximum durability.  The ideal color for your German Shepherd is up to you. 

The manufacturer offers a 60 day return guarantee so if the size is off it’s a quick fix.  Not every collar is returnable so this is a purchasing factor. 

The design is not a martingale or a gentle leader.  While the collar should last up to 5 years under normal use, it is not designed for constant pulling.  If your dog constantly pulls you should look at options that specifically target that problem.  

The quality of this dog collar sets it apart from the rest.  I recommend it as the best overall standard collar for German Shepherds on this list.  


  • 100% genuine leather material
  • 60 day return guarantee
  • Multiple colors and stitch types available
  • Normal use lasts up to 5 years
  • Holds up to 350lb of pull power


  • Not a martingale or gentle leader design

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar

Savvy Pick

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar

I bought my Petsafe Gentle Leader a few years ago and I was really impressed.  For what I paid and how small it looked out of the box I had my doubts that it would work.

My Lab/Pit mix dog is a stubborn puller.  Within minutes of putting this on my dog he was walking calmly by my side.  Although unhappy about being tamed, he was comfortable and still able to drink from his bowl with the collar on.  

There are many color and size options available for this dog training collar.  German Shepherds for the most part should stick with the large size. 

The one downside to this German Shepherd dog collar is its reliance on a plastic clasp.  If this clasp breaks which is not unheard of, the leader no longer works.  The customer service team is quick to respond when needed though.

Overall I recommend this gentle leader from personal experience.  Anyone else that has issues with strong dogs that like to pull should check this one out over a prong collar or dog harness. 


  • Stops pulling immediately 
  • Padded loop for the nose
  • Gives full range of motion to your dog
  • Simple to put on and off
  • Many color options available


  • Fairly thin material
  • Must be replaced if clasp breaks

Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

Bargain Pick

Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

There are plenty of collars for sale that meet the length requirements for the large dog breed.  There are only a few that are built with quality materials designed to last from heavy use.

The Black Rhino collar is sturdy and holds up when used everyday.  The neoprene padding offers a comfortable layer for your German Shepherd. Even though the head collar is made from heavy duty materials your dog stays comfy. 

This everyday collar comes with reflective stitching to help with visibility at night.  While not as effective as true reflective collars it is a nice feature compared to say a leather alternative. 

The one ding on this product is that the padding does not cover the complete inside of the collar.  Because the collar is adjustable in size the padding ends where the belt notches begin.  If your dog is using one of the larger notches less of the adjustable collar will have padding protection.  If your dog uses the smallest notch there will be padding on all sides. 

Overall this is a well rounded product and is worth looking at. 


  • Built for large breeds
  • Neoprene padding for max comfort
  • Reflective stitching for visibility
  • High quality durable materials


  • Padding does not cover the whole collar

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

The PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar is simple yet effective.  If you want to grab an economical option before investing in a high end product, give this one a try.

This collar can be an everyday use collar for your puppy.  Unlike leaders or shock collars which serve a similar purpose, this collar can be left on when not training. The large version of this collar is a good fit for most German Shepherds. 

Other than a gentle leader the martingale design is the most effective control for a dog that likes to pull without using a pinch collar.  German Shepherds are strong, smart and often stubborn.  Training a GSD will take the best tools you can get.  

Beware of the size chart provided by the manufacturer.  The sizes tend to run larger than stated however the large version will be needed for a German Shepherd. 


  • Martingale is a humane alternative to choke collars
  • Great for everyday use and for walks
  • Simple but strong design
  • Provides pressure if your dog tries to pull


  • Sizing chart is off(use large for GSD)
  • Less effective if size is off

BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Dog Collar for Night Safety

BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Dog Collar for Night Safety

Do you take your dog for walks when it’s dark out?  Do you like watching your German Shepherd run around in the dark with a glow stick around their neck?

This collar let’s you do both safely.  The BSEEN collar is a tubular LED light that fits around your dog’s neck like a collar.  It is way more effective than a reflective collar and can be seen from up to 1600 feet away.  

The collar comes in different colors and can be set to flash making it more noticeable. No matter the size of your dog this collar can be cut down to fit. 

Unfortunately this collar does not come with a charger so make sure you have a micro USB cord handy.  Given the many electronic features of this collar the reliability is not great.  In some cases the collar can stop working after a few months or can become less bright.  

This is a unique dog collar for those looking to take a step up from the reflective alternatives. 


  • Shines brightly at night 
  • Fits all dog sizes
  • Rechargeable for indefinite use
  • Weatherproof 
  • Steady and flash modes for max visibility


  • Does not come with charger
  • Not very reliable

Authen Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar

Authen Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar

The first dog I had as a kid was 2 years old before she barked for the first time.  Oddly enough it was seeing a cow that caused her to get scared and exclaim.  

Most dogs are not that reserved. Many German Shepherds need to be trained when it is inappropriate to bark.  Barking control collars like the Authen Bark Collar are quite helpful for this. 

There are many features on this training collar designed to give reliable training to your dog.  The vibration and beep settings offer an alternative to shocking.  The sensors themselves are adjustable so that your dog’s bark is picked up every time.  

If you have multiple dogs around while using this dog shock collar it can be less effective.  Either the settings will be too sensitive and either dog barking will set it off.  Or the settings will not be sensitive enough and the collar will never activate.  If you have more than one dog I recommend isolating them while you train.


  • Effective at stopping barking
  • Vibration, beep and shock modes 
  • Upgraded sensors to prevent false triggers
  • Adjustable sensitivity settings to your dog’s bark
  • Rechargeable and waterproof


  • No remote for manual control
  • Not ideal if multiple dogs are present
  • Fine tuning required for best results

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

Most dog owners like to have their address and phone number on a tag for their puppy to wear.  GoTags offers to sew your design right into the collar itself.

With 25 characters of space you should easily be able to fit your dog’s name and your phone number on the collar.  If you are buying this as a gift you can get more creative than that I’m sure.  

GoTags offers many color options for the collar and thread so that your text can stand out.  For the average German Shepherd neck size I recommend getting the large version.

Depending on the size of your dog and the length of your design you may cut off your text with the adjustable strap.  This is due partially to the company logo prominently located in the front.  There is some wiggle room here so you may have no issues with this.

The plastic clasp on this collar is not made of great quality.  If it is forced when not aligned properly it can break.  

This is a solid solution for the quality tier it is in.  If getting your info on the collar is important to you this is worth checking out. 


  • Personalized up to 25 characters 
  • Customizable collar and thread colors
  • Great for gifts
  • Sturdy nylon material


  • Depending on size letters may be cut off
  • Clasp can break if forced

Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Military Nylon Heavy Duty

Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Military Nylon Heavy Duty

This collar takes it up a notch in the durability department.  Sporting a rugged tactical design the Yunlep collar will make your German Shepherd look like a service dog.  

Unlike any collar on this list the Yunlep collar includes an easy grip handle for holding your dog.  This may be useful in situations where you need to hold your dog closer than the length of the leash.  

The Yunlep tactical collar is made specifically for large breeds like German Shepherds.  This makes it a durable option for your dog.  However the smallest size available is a medium.  If you need a collar for a puppy this one will not suffice.  

The collar is wide and has velcro around most of the exterior.  You can place cool morale patches on the velcro or get a patch made with your dog’s name and number.  Obviously these patches can fall off so it should not be the primary method of tagging your dog but it can be stylish. 

If you like the tactical style military collar this is the one I recommend.  Personally I like the style but the heavy duty quality is what sets this one apart. 


  • Military style design
  • Heavy duty materials that includes padding
  • Handle for easy grip
  • Velcro for customizable patches
  • Made for large breeds


  • Overly wide design
  • No small options for puppies

Blueberry Pet 15+ Colors Safe and Comfy Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Collection

Blueberry Pet 15+ Colors Safe and Comfy Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Collection

If you are having trouble finding a collar in a color you like, look no further.  The Blueberry Pet Collar has more than 15 different color options to choose from.  They also have a line of matching harnesses and leashes that are worth checking out.

This is a basic collar with strong materials that hold up well over time.  The double ring provides a nice safety measure in case the clasp ever breaks.  The extra loop on the side is convenient for dog tags or charms if you have them.  

While not a true reflective collar, the Blueberry threading does provide some reflective assistance.  If you occasionally walk your GSD at night this would be sufficient.  For heavy night time walkers/runners I would look for more reflective options.

This collar offers little in the way of padding for your dog.  If the collar is only being worn around the house or if your dog is not a puller, this collar could work for you.  However if your dog likes to pull on walks you may end up irritating your dog’s skin over time.

For those looking for a unique and stylish design this collar offers some good choices.  I recommend this collar if your dog does not typically pull on the leash.


  • 15 different color schemes
  • Reflective threading for safety
  • Loop for attaching dog tags or charms
  • Duel rings for reliable leash connection
  • Sturdy polyester material


  • No padding for comfort
  • Not good for strong pullers

Didog Leather Custom Collar, Braided Leather Engraved Dog Collars

Didog Leather Custom Collar, Braided Leather Engraved Dog Collars

The Didog Leather Custom Collar is another bargain option.  The collar comes with a laser engraved metal plate for the dog’s name and your phone number.  

If you do not already have a dog tag this may be a convenient way for you to get one at the same time as a collar.  The engraved text does run small.  If someone finds your dog they will need to look closely to read your contact info.

Although it is not made of top of the line material, the braided leather looks great out of the box.  The duel rings add an extra level of safety in case the clasp gives out.  

There are 6 different color options and there is even a set available if you need a dog leash too.  Overall if you are looking for a bargain and are interested in a matching set you should check this one out.  


  • Braided leather material
  • Duel ring leash connector
  • 10 color options
  • Laser engraving for your dog’s information


  • Engraved text is small
  • Sizes run small overall

Buying Considerations for German Shepherd Collars

What Types of Collars are Available?

There are a wide variety of dog collars on the market.  Each type addresses a specific need or problem that dog owners commonly face.  To determine the best collar for your German Shepherd you want to decide what features are most important to you.  Here are a few of the most common types of collars.

  • Shock Collar.  Shock collars are commonly used for training and can be really effective. Despite the name, most shock collars come with beep and vibrate settings making this a humane training option.  These collars cannot be worn all day and do not connect to a leash.  Because of this a shock collar can’t be the only collar you own but it is a great addition.  If you want to learn more about shock collars for large breeds check out our article here
  • Martingale Collar. This collar was developed to help with dogs that like to pull on their leash.  The collar has a loop where the leash connects to it. As your dog pulls on the leash, this loop tightens the collar.  This allows for a comfortable and loose fit for your dog except when your German Shepherd starts to pull.  
  • Gentle Leader. This collar also addresses this issue of pulling.  In addition to the collar around the neck the gentle leader has a loop that goes over your dog’s nose.  Your leash connects to this second loop and you can gently guide your dog where you like.  While a collar on your dog’s neck provides great leverage for pulling, a collar over the nose makes pulling nearly impossible. 
  • Reflective Collar. Just as the name implies these collars have a reflective coating on the outside of the collar.  This collar makes it easy for passing cars to see you and your dog in the dark.  If your German Shepherd has a tendency to run off, this collar can make finding your dog at night feasible.  
  • Flat Collar. This term refers to normal everyday collars.  While these collars typically have no special features, they are designed for reliability and comfort.  You will need to have a flat collar for your dog for everyday use.  The other types of collars are effective at addressing specific problems.
  • Choke Collar. I have included it on the list because you will see these on the market.  However these chains can be harmful to your dog’s neck.  This is especially true if the chain is worn consistently.  We do not recommend using these and you should consult with your vet before purchasing one if you choose to. 
Leaping German

What Materials are Best for German Shepherd Collars?

There is a line between comfort and durability when it comes to collars.  You want to buy a collar that lasts and reliably keeps your dog safe.  You also want your dog to be comfortable and protected from rashes/irritation. Here are a few of the most common materials used in collars.

  • Plastic Collars. These collars are simple and cheap.  Smooth plastic edges are effective at protecting your dog’s skin and are completely waterproof.  These collars tend to be quite rigid. You may find the collar fitting too tightly or too loosely with the limited size settings.
  • Leather Collars. Genuine leather provides the most comfort for your dog’s skin and looks great also.  A sub category here is rolled leather dog collars.  These provide the same comfort with extra strength.  While these are usually viewed as high end, there are plenty of inexpensive options out there. 
  • Woven Collars. This refers to the style of collar and can use a few different materials.  The woven style allows for great flexibility and comfort.  Given the strength of woven materials it is less prone to tears than a straight piece of plastic or cloth.  
  • Metal Collars. When you think of metal collars you probably think of chains.  While some owners still use dog chains, these are less common than they used to be.  You are more likely to see dogs sporting “gold” or “silver” chains for a stylish look.  These are not always suitable for everyday use but look great if you are taking your German Shepherd out in public.

With any type of collar you purchase be sure to check your dog frequently for signs of irritation.  If your German Shepherd is allergic to a certain type of material you should start looking at other hypoallergenic options.  As a rule of thumb you should avoid collars with strong chemical dyes.  These have been known to bleed through and stain dog fur.  

 What is the Right Collar Size?

Finding a collar that fits your dog well is important.  Most collars fit a wide range of neck sizes but you need to make sure the collar will work for your Shepherd before you buy. 

To find your dog’s neck size you should measure the thinnest spot on the neck.  This should be a couple of inches below your dog’s head.  Make sure you leave room for two fingers when you are measuring.  This will prevent you from making the collar too tight on your dog.  You will also need to measure the widest point of your dog’s head to make sure the collar can’t slip off if pulled.

Most collars should fit your German Shepherd but you do not want an excess of the collar hanging out.  This can be uncomfortable for your dog and can potentially get snagged as your dog walks.  

There are a few different types of size adjustment mechanisms.  You will often see the traditional belt buckle style adjuster.  If you go with this type make sure the loops are close together for better adjustment options.  The other common type is the sliding adjustment.  These are usually found on the woven dog collars and allow for pinpoint precision with sizing.


There are many types of collars that would be great for your GSD.  Your personal preference on style, material and intended use are key factors on picking the best one.  However there are three collars that stand out above the rest on this list.

Best Overall.  The DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar is made with the most quality materials and effectively balances comfort and practicality. 

Savvy Pick. PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar. The gentle leader revolutionized leash training and is a must have for dog owners of strong pullers.

Bargain Pick. Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar. The Black Rhino is a well rounded, long lasting and comfortable collar for your German Shepherd.  Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

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