Best Chew Toys for Rottweiler Puppies and Adults 2022

I woke up one January morning to find my $1,000 Samsung Phone being thoroughly enjoyed as the world’s most expensive chew toy.  It was too late.  My big puppy had destroyed the most valuable tech in my home.

Maybe this hasn’t happened to you, but I am sure you have similar stories.  This incident taught me a lesson I will never forget.  Finding the right chew toy for your dog can actually save you money.  

This article reviews the best chew toys for Rottweiler puppies and adults.  If you are short on time take a look at our summary in the table below. 

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Best OverallWickedbone Smart BoneWickedbone Smart Bone
Savvy PickKONG Extreme Dog ToyKONG Extreme Dog Toy
Bargain PickDevil Dog Pet Co Antler Dog ChewDevil Dog Pet Co Antler Dog Chew
 Hswaye Durable Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive ChewerHswaye Durable Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer
 Goughnuts TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy MaXX BlackGoughnuts TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy MaXX Black
 Petdexon Dog Toothbrush Chew ToysPetdexon Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys

Best for Aggressive Chewers 

Dofun Dog Chew Toy

Dofun Dog Chew Toy

Best Pick for Dental Hygiene

V-Hander Dog Bone Toy

V-Hander Dog Bone Toy

Product Reviews for Rottweiler Chew Toys

Wickedbone Smart Bone

Best Overall

WickedBone Smart Bone

The smart bone is a new product on the market and the first of its kind.  Wickedbone uses digital technology to interact with your dog so that you can play hands free.  It even comes with an app.

The toy varies its responses to your dog based on the way your Rottweiler plays with it.  It has 12 pre programmed responses to keep your dog entertained.  However if you are around, you can always go manual and control the toy from your phone. 

When in interactive mode the toy lasts for approximately 2 hours without charge.  If you use the app and play manually it can be less.  

The ends of the toy are removable, washable and replaceable if necessary.  

Because this technology is new they are still working on the kinks. It is difficult to include the features they have while making a durable toy for large dogs.  For now I cannot recommend this toy be used by large Rottweilers. 

I would absolutely recommend this for Rottweiler puppies however.  The interactive modes should keep your dog engaged and learning.  While your dog may outgrow the toy, this bone provides unique interactions that analogue toys do not. 

If you are curious about cool new tech and have a Rottweiler puppy at home then check this one out.  


  • Interactive toy that entertains remotely
  • 12 different responses to your dog’s emotions
  • Manual or auto play modes
  • App available for touch free interaction
  • Battery life over 2 hours per charge


  • Suitable for puppies only
  • New concept still working out the kinks

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Savvy Pick

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

The KONG brand has long been recognized for durable dog chew toys.  You do not have to look far to find Vets and trainers recommending KONG products.  

The KONG Extreme Dog Toy is the heavy duty version of the classic toy.  This is designed specifically for reducing boredom and separation anxiety in dogs.  Compared to other versions of the KONG toy the Extreme is the largest available size. The bulk of it makes this KONG toy suitable for large breeds like Rottweilers.

The nearly indestructible dog toy features a small hole on one end that can be filled with treats.  Personally I enjoy filling my KONG with peanut butter as it keeps my dogs entertained longer.  The great part is you can change out the treat you use and keep your Rottweiler engaged with this toy for years.  

While this tough toy has been refined over the years there are still a couple of issues people face.  Cleaning the inside of the toy can be challenging given the shape.  This is especially true if you fill it with something like peanut butter.  Dishwashers do a decent job of this though.

You will also need to make sure you follow the size recommendations based on the weight of your big dog.  If you choose one too small, it is possible for an aggressive chewer to bite pieces off.  This is quite uncommon but Rottweilers are known for their destructive chewing so it’s worth mentioning.

Overall I highly recommend this durable dog toy but make sure you find the right size for your dog. 


  • Proven durability
  • Chew toy or interactive toy in one
  • Virtually indestructible toy
  • Varying sizes and models to fit your Rottweiler


  • Difficult to clean

Devil Dog Pet Co Antler Dog Chew

Bargain Pick

Devil Dog Pet Co Antler Dog Chew

Deer antlers and ram horns being used as chew toys is a relatively new concept but a good one.  The all natural concept is attractive for those trying to protect their dogs from man made chemicals.  

Unlike most chew toys which are infused with artificial flavor, antlers have a natural taste that goes all the way to the core.  This flavor is very attractive to dogs who will often spend hours on end chewing on one antler.  The nice part is there is no odor to deal with either. Because of the hardness of this tough dog toy it is ideal for a heavy chewer.

Devil Dog Pet Co Antlers are inspected before shipping to ensure the quality standards are met.  It is also neat because you could buy dozens of antlers and get slightly different looks each time.

A few cautions on antlers.  These antlers will get smaller as your dog chews them so you have to eventually discard them when they become a choking hazard.  You also need to get an antler large enough in size for your power chewer to see the proper life of the toy.

If you have never tried an antler chew toy for your dog I highly recommend it.  These have become the favorite in my house and I plan on replacing my antlers every year or so. 


  • 100% real Elk antler sourced from the USA
  • Safe for the most aggressive chewers
  • Natural flavor that keeps dogs attention
  • Several size options available


  • Strong chewers need the larger options
  • Must remove from play when the antler gets small

Antlers can be great to keep your dog busy, but they may be too hard for some dog’s teeth. Even large breeds like Rottweilers can break and chip their teeth. I would avoid antlers in puppies. If your adult Rottweiler chews on antlers, you and your vet should monitor his teeth closely for fractures.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

Hswaye Durable Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer

Hswaye Durable Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer

For an explosive option, check out the Hswaye Durable Dog Chew Toy.  Just kidding!  Although creatively shaped like a hand grenade, this dog toy does nothing more than entertain your dog for you. 

This toy has only been on the market for a few months at the time of this writing.  While the long term durability of the toy can’t be verified yet, the initial testing passes the test. 

The toy is made from 100% natural rubber for a tough exterior.  The inside of the toy is hollowed out so that you can place treats inside. 

The oval shape creates an unpredictable bounce pattern when playing fetch.  This adds an extra element to the game of fetch.  

If you think your Rottweiler would look cuter with a hand grenade toy then give this one a shot.  However I can’t vouch for how long this toy will last your doggo since the product is so new. 


  • Uniquely shaped to grab your dog’s attention
  • Designed specifically for heavy chewing breeds
  • Textured surface designed to help clean teeth
  • Lifetime replacement service
  • Good size for a fetch toy


  • Newly released so long term life unknown

Goughnuts TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy MaXX Black

Goughnuts TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy MaXX Black

If you have multiple dogs or frequent the dog park you will want to check out “tug of war” style toy options.  The Goughnuts TuG toy is a solid choice.

The tug toy has a simple figure 8 design that is perfect for two dogs or you and your dog to have a test of strength.  Weighing almost two pounds this toy is designed for use by large dog breeds who are 60 to 100 lbs. 

The rubber toy floats on water if your dog enjoys swimming.  

For my dogs the tug of war toys are a must have.  They get used every day and my dogs are not even puppies anymore.  Something about that competitive nature seems to come out more with this type of toy. 

While there are other toys like this out there, the Goughnuts model is heavy duty and suitable for Rottweilers.  The only real negative to this product is the rubber smell when you first get the toy.  This goes away with time and does not seem to bother dogs but some users have complained about it.  

If you do not yet have a tug of war toy at home I recommend trying this one. 


  • Dual sided for multiple dogs
  • Designed for large dogs
  • Floats in water
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Has a strong smell out of the box

Tug of War is a great game for most dogs, but only if you play by the rules. To prevent your dog from learning bad habits I recommend that the human always be the one to start and stop the game. The dog should also learn to always drop the toy on command.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

Petdexon Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys

Petdexon Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys

The Petdexon Dog Toothbrush counts both as a chew toy for your dogs but also fills a health need.  If used with dog toothpaste this toy can help keep your Rottweiler’s teeth clean without much work.  

This toy is shaped like the letter V and spotted with rubber bumps.  These allow the Petdexon to scrape plaque off your dog’s teeth as they chew it. For best results, place a small amount of toothpaste on the top of the toy and let your dog play for 3 to 5 minutes.  This is typically all it takes each time for your Rottweiler’s teeth to get clean.

Unlike the other toys on this list, the Pedexon requires more supervision and does not keep your dog entertained without you.  You may however find the oral health benefits worth the investment.  

If you are unsatisfied, the manufacturer offers a warranty on the product.  Most dog owners look for a teeth cleaning solution at a vet’s recommendation so this could be an option for you.  

I have not personally purchased this product. However I likely would have if I had found it when searching for a teeth cleaning solution.  


  • Designed specifically for oral care
  • Infused with mint flavor
  • 100% satisfaction warranty
  • Can be used with dog toothpaste
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires supervision for best dental results
  • New product with limited long term reviews

Best for Aggressive Chewers: Dofun Dog Chew Toy

Dofun Dog Chew Toy

The Dofun Dog Chew Toy is a great option for your Rottweiler. This chew toy offers incredible durability and resistance, withstanding constant and aggressive chewing. 

It was designed for large breeds known for their destructive behaviors like Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and Boxers. This dog toy weighs only 0.6 lbs (272.1 g) and has a total diameter of 5″ x 5″ (1.9 x 1.9 cm), making it easy to carry. Additionally, it has a multi-textured surface with an innovative design that can soothe your dog’s stress, anxiety, and swollen gums. 

This chew toy was made of natural rubber, making it an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and high-quality option for your Rottweiler. One more benefit of this incredible dog toy is that it can help with your dog’s dental hygiene. While your dog chews, the toy’s layered surface will remove excess tartar while strengthening his teeth. 

It has a multi-textured surface with an easy-to-hold design that your dog will love. However, this dog toy is extremely tough, making it a bad option for teething puppies and seniors with weakened teeth. 


  • It is an almost unbreakable toy capable of withstanding aggressive chewing. 
  • Its multi-textured surface will keep your dog busy and entertained. 
  • This toy was made with natural rubber for better safety. 
  • It can help remove accumulated tartar and reduce swollen gums. 
  • The toy’s innovative design can reduce anxiety, stress, and boredom. 
  • It has the correct dimensions for Rottweilers and an easy-to-hold design. 


  • I do not recommend it for seniors or teething puppies. 

Best Pick for Dental Hygiene: V-Hander Dog Bone Toy

V-Hander Dog Bone Toy

The V-Hander Dog Bone Toy is another excellent option for your Rottweiler. This chew toy provides many benefits for your dog’s dental hygiene. Its multi-textured surface will keep him entertained while removing accumulated tartar and strengthening his teeth. You can even combine it with dog toothpaste to improve your dog’s breath and reduce cavities. 

It is a dog toy made of non-toxic natural rubber, providing better elasticity and durability without polluting the earth. The toy has excellent resistance and should withstand constant chewing from bigger breeds like Rottweilers and Mastiffs. Additionally, it has a delicious beef flavor your dog will most likely love. 

The company offers a lifetime replacement or refund if your dog manages to break this durable toy. It is not likely this will happen as the toy was designed for heavy and destructive chewers. However, it has a tough exterior and is not recommended for teething puppies and senior dogs. 


  • It has a multi-textured surface with beef flavor. 
  • This dog toy will improve your dog’s dental hygiene. 
  • You can combine it with dog toothpaste for better results. 
  • It provides excellent durability and elasticity.
  • This dog toy was made with non-toxic natural rubber. 
  • It was designed for bigger breeds like Rottweilers. 
  • The company offers a lifetime replacement policy in case the toy breaks. 


  • It is not ideal for seniors or teething puppies. 
Rottweiler and Coffee

Buying Considerations for Rottweiler Chew Toys

What kind of Rottweiler Chew Toys are out there?

Active Toys

Rottweiler puppies have a ton of energy.  As they get older it is important that they continue good active habits.  Typical active toys include:

  • Rope Toys
  • Tug of War Toys
  • Ball Launchers
  • Ball Toys
  • Frisbee Toys

If you have two dogs at home many of these toys will keep your Rottweilers active for hours on end.  Even if you only have one dog you can still keep your Rottweiler pup active using these toys yourself. 

Puzzle Toys

Interactive toys that make your Rottweiler think are fantastic for brain development and boredom.  These toys help keep your puppy’s attention and get them thinking about cause and effect.  Puzzle toys can keep your Rottweiler burning off excess energy for hours.

Chew Toys

These toys are a necessity for aggressive chewers like Rottweiler puppies.  Rottweilers have a really strong bite strength at 328 PSI.  This makes finding an appropriate outlet for your dog critical.  Some classic chew toys you may have seen before are:

  • KONG Toys
  • Bones
  • Antlers or Horns
  • Tire Toys
  • Plush Toys
  • Squeak Toys

Given the strength of most Rottweilers not every chew toy is strong enough for your dog.  Make sure you think of the limitations of your own doggo.  For me personally it would go something like…”can destroy an end table, trash can and $1,000 Samsung phone.”….”Can’t destroy a 10 lbs dumbbell.”

Treat Dispensing Toys

The most revered of all toy types.  Sometimes these are designed as puzzles for your dog to figure out.  Other times they are a clever method of slowing down fast eaters or a way to keep an old dog active.  In my home these are by far the favorite.  The PetCube camera in the living room, the KONG filled with peanut butter or the puzzle toy with the treat inside are at the top of my dogs’ list.  

There is a fine line with the size of these toys though.  Get one that is too big and your Rottweiler won’t have to work at all to get the treat.  Get one too small and your poor dog will hate the new toy after a few hours of futility.  Fortunately most of these toys have size options that fit all breeds. 

Puppy by the pool

Avoid the Breakable Toys

This probably sounds obvious.  Why would anyone want to buy a soft toy that breaks?  The truth is most dog toys break eventually and need to be replaced.  Or they just get buried in the backyard… 

Some of these toys, especially the plastic ones, can break into small sharp bits.  These pose a safety risk for your Rottweiler and may cut the inside of your dog’s mouth.  My recommendation is to buy rubber toys, antlers or a really sturdy plastic for best results. 

In general I would avoid a plush toy for your Rottweiler.  They may be loved at first but I doubt they will last longer than 5 minutes into an active play session. 

Health Benefits for Rottweiler Chew Toys?

Dental Health

So it turns out that Rottweiler puppies don’t love chewing for no reason.  The urge to chew is partially to sharpen their teeth and control plaque build up.  Instead of using a specialty treat, the right chew toys can help with natural dental hygiene.


Playing with your dog and exposing your dog to others is critical for socialization. 

Your Rottweiler puppy probably loves to wrestle and roughhouse.  Play is the way puppies learn to interact with the world.  It is also how they make important connections in their brains.  Toys are a great method of giving your dog a positive outlet for aggressive energy. 

If you catch your dog chewing on something he shouldn’t, try replacing it with a chew toy.  The next time your dog jumps up on you try redirecting that energy to a toy. These simple actions can be highly effective in training your dog to socialize with people.

The next time you take your Rottweiler to a dog park, bring a chew toy.  If your pup tries to bite another dog in play, try engaging your dog with the toy.  Often this is all it takes to get the dogs playing tug of war instead of gladiatorial combat. 

Active Lifestyle

It is odd to think about but dogs actually have to learn to play with toys.  Ever tried to teach a dog to play with a frisbee or to play fetch?  Even tug of war can take time for some dogs.  

Each of these games you teach your dog become known activities.  Your dog actually can receive a dopamine hit while playing a game.  This triggers your dog to want to play again and again.

The more of these activities you instill in your dog from a young age the better.  Your dog will seek out these opportunities to stay active and play with toys when given the chance. 

Old Rottweiler

How to get your Rottweiler to Play with a New Toy?

The first thing you need to do when breaking in a new toy is show your Rottweiler how to use it.  I don’t mean take a big chomp out of it yourself…Unless you enjoy that I guess. I mean wave it around to get your doggo’s attention.  Place it near your dog’s mouth for a sniff.  Make sure it goes in the same place as your other toys when you are done playing.  This will allow your dog to associate your new toy as an object of play. 

For some toys this may be difficult. When your Rottweiler uses the toy properly, respond immediately with positive reinforcement.  Dog’s love praise.  When your dog recognizes that they did something good they will try to repeat what they did. 

To keep your dogs interest in a play session it is okay to mix up multiple toys.  This will help keep your dog’s attention and will keep your dog moving longer before calling it quits.  

If your Rottweiler is getting really into the game and begins to act aggressively toward you or someone else you should stop play. Just like your dog recognizes positive reinforcement, he will also recognize stoppage of play as a sign that he did something wrong.  This is a better tactic than yelling or hitting your dog because it lowers the level of aggression. 

It may take some practice but the rewards of a Rottweiler puppy who likes to play are well worth it.  For more advice on training your dog to play check out this article by the spruce pets.  I found it helpful when doing my research. 

When is it Time to Replace an Old Chew Toy?

All good things must come to an end eventually.  Even the best chew toys break, get lost or your dog simply loses interest.  How do you know when that time has come?

If your dog begins to lose interest in a toy that does not necessarily mean the toy’s useful life is over.  First you should try using the old toy with a new game.  Maybe it was a chew toy used for tug of war.  Now try playing fetch with it. 

If that doesn’t work you can try adding a treat or food to the toy.  This may make the toy more interactive and get your dog’s interest again. If this is unsuccessful it may be time to donate the toy.

If you notice a toy beginning to fall apart, check if any of the pieces coming off could be dangerous for your dog.  Anything that could be a choking hazard or that could cut the inside of your dog’s mouth should be thrown away.  

To extend the useful life of your toys I recommend having several to rotate through.  This also comes in handy if a toy comes up missing.  You’ll have a backup before your aggressive chewer starts wrecking carnage on your furniture.

Monitor your dog closely whenever you introduce a new chew toy. You should also be prepared to take it away if it gets too small. If your Rottweiler swallows his toy, he is at risk for choking or gastrointestinal obstruction.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM


You may not have learned your lesson the hard way like me and lost a thousand dollar phone.  I certainly hope not.  

I do however hope that you find a great chew toy(or several) that keeps your Rottweiler healthily entertained.  Aggressive chewers need the best quality which is why we recommend the following.

The best chew toy for Rottweilers is the Wickedbone Smart Bone.  The unique technology and continued updates make this product great.

Savvy pick goes to the KONG Extreme Dog Toy.  The reliability of this toy is hard to beat. 

Bargain pick goes to the Devil Dog Pet Co Antler Dog Chew.  Antlers are a great natural chew toy option and Devil Dog provides many sizes and bundles to economically fit your needs.

All content has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Megan Teiber, DVM.

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