The Best Chew Toys for Boston Terriers In 2022

Boston Terriers are known for their two-color tuxedo-like fur and big round eyes. They are sporty, compact, energetic, and love to chew on anything they can get their teeth on. That’s why it is essential to find ways to redirect their chewing. Having some toys around can help you prevent damage to your furniture and clothing damage. 

The Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy is the best overall chew toy. It has a textured and flavored surface your dog will most likely love. This toy also has the right size and weight for small breeds. However, it is not a chew-proof model, so keep it away from destructive chewers.

In today’s guide, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the most popular chew toys for Boston Terriers. I will also give you more information about this incredible breed and tips on taking care of your doggo. 

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Best OverallBenebone Dental Dog Chew ToyBenebone Dental Dog Chew Toy
Runner-UpNylabone Big Power ChewNylabone Big Power Chew
Savvy PickNylabone X-Shaped Flavored Chew ToyNylabone X-Shaped Flavored Chew Toy
Best for Destructive DogsPetstages Dog Chew Toy StickPetstages Dog Chew Toy Stick
Best for PuppiesToozey Puppy Toy PackToozey Puppy Toy Pack
Best for Senior DogsTough Pineapple Chew ToyTough Pineapple Chew Toy
Budget PickInteractive Corn Chew ToyInteractive Corn Chew Toy

Product Reviews for Boston Terriers Chew Toys

Best Overall: Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy 

Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy

The Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy is the overall best option on the market. This toy is the right size for Boston Terriers and other small breeds like the Poodle and the French Bulldog. It has dimensions of 5.5 x 3.5 inches (13.9 x 8.8 cm), allowing dogs under 30 lbs (13.6 kg) to hold it in their mouths without any problems. 

It was designed to help keep your dog’s teeth clean while stimulating his brain. The toy’s surface is textured and flavored to make it more fun for your Boston Terrier. You can choose between three flavors: chicken, bacon, and peanut butter. 

The toy is also chew-resistant and has been manufactured with your dog’s safety in mind. It is also an American-made option with a solid reputation across the country. 

One of the main drawbacks of this model is that it will not last against aggressive chewers. So, if your dog loves to destroy all of his toys, you should look for a chew-proof toy. Additionally, this toy can be too rough for teething puppies. 


  • This toy has the right weight and size for small breeds like Boston Terriers. 
  • Your dog will be able to hold it in his mouth without problems. 
  • It will help you stimulate your dog’s brain. 
  • The toy comes in three flavors: peanut butter, chicken, and bacon. 
  • It has a textured and resistant surface. 
  • The toy is American-made, reliable, and engaging. 


  • It is not a chew-proof toy, only chew-resistant. 
  • The toy is not ideal for teething puppies. 

Runner-Up: Nylabone Big Power Chew

Nylabone Big Power Chew

The Nylabone Big Power Chew is another excellent option when looking for a resistant chew toy for a Boston Terrier. It was designed to reduce destructive chewing while helping your dog calm down, making it ideal for dogs with stress and separation anxiety. This toy is also an affordable option. 

It has a flavored surface that can withstand constant chewing and playing. The toy is 4.5” long (11.4 cm), 1.5” wide (3.8 cm), and 1” high (2.5 cm), making it a good option for dogs under 25 lbs (11.3 kg). 

This chew toy was designed to improve dental hygiene, preventing plaque and other dental problems. Furthermore, it features a multi-textured design, which can keep your dog busy and entertained for long periods.

However, it is not a chew-proof model, and I do not recommend it for the most aggressive chewers. 


  • It is a chew-resistant toy with good durability. 
  • This toy will help keep your dog’s teeth clean and free of plaque. 
  • The toy is ideal for small breeds under 25 lbs (11.3 kg).
  • It was designed to allow your dog to hold it in his mouth. 
  • This dog chew toy has a multi-textured surface. 
  • It is an affordable chew toy for small dogs. 
  • It can help reduce stress, boredom, and separation anxiety. 
  • The toy can keep your dog busy and entertained for hours. 


  • I do not recommend this toy for destructive chewers.

Savvy Pick: Nylabone X-Shaped Flavored Chew Toy

Nylabone X-Shaped Flavored Chew Toy

The Nylabone X-Shaped Flavored Chew Toy is a unique chew toy that your Boston Terrier will probably love. This toy has the right size and weight for small breeds under 25 lbs (11.3 kg), including the Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, and the Jack Russell Terrier. It also promotes better dental health for your adult dog or puppy. 

It comes in two variations: one for adult dogs and the other for teething puppies. The difference between the puppy and adult dog models is the surface. The puppy option has a softer surface without compromising its resistance. Thanks to this design, it can withstand constant chewing from teething puppies while protecting their brand-new teeth. 

The toy has a total length of 3.7” (9.5 cm), a width of 1.5” (3.8 cm), and an overall height of 0.7” (1.9 cm), making it suitable for small mouths. Its X-shaped design, multi-textured surface, and artificial flavors can also keep your dog engaged for many hours. 

The main drawback of this model is its strong odor, which will make your dog’s breath smell bad too. It is also important to know that this model is only chew-resistant and won’t withstand aggressive chewing. 


  • This dog toy has a unique and innovative design. 
  • It has a multi-textured surface to keep your dog entertained for long periods. 
  • The toy promotes good dental hygiene for adult dogs and puppies. 
  • It is ideal for small breeds like Boston Terriers and Pugs. 
  • The toy comes in two presentations: one for puppies and one for adult dogs. 
  • It has an artificial flavor for better results. 


  • This dog toy won’t endure constant aggressive chewing. 

Best for Destructive Dogs: Petstages Dog Chew Toy Stick

Petstages Dog Chew Toy Stick

Petstages Dog Chew Toy Stick could be your ideal option if you have a destructive Boston Terrier. It was designed to endure constant chewing, and it is one of the most durable toys for small breeds. 

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a heavy chewer or if he just likes to gnaw on things occasionally. Regardless, this toy will likely keep him entertained. 

It was designed to look like a wood stick, and it uses natural wood fibers for a safer chew time for your doggo. This toy mimics the texture of a real stick, making it an excellent option if your dog likes to chew on wood surfaces. It is also a reliable and trusted product by a popular American brand. 

The toy comes in four sizes, but I recommend the small and extra-small sizes for Boston Terriers. The extra-small option has a total length of 4” (10.1 cm) and a width of 0.7” (1.9 cm). The small model has an overall length of 5.3” (13.4 cm) and a width of 1.2” (3 cm). Therefore, the extra-small is ideal for puppies and the small for adults. 

One drawback of this toy is that it lacks the multi-textured surface that other toys offer. 


  • You can find it in a small and extra small presentation. 
  • It has the right weight and size for Boston Terriers and other small breeds. 
  • It is one of the best indestructible dog toys on the market. 
  • The toy will keep your doggo happy and busy. 


  • This dog toy doesn’t have a multi-textured surface like other options in this list. 

Best for Puppies: Toozey Puppy Toy Pack

Toozey Puppy Toy Pack

One of the best chew toy options for Boston Terrier puppies is the Toozey Puppy Toy Pack. It includes twelve different toys, with eight durable plushies for teething puppies and four tug-a-war rope toys. They are the ideal size and weight for small breeds like Boston Terriers, Chihuahuas, and French Bulldogs. 

The toys are made of high-quality and non-toxic materials, making them safe for your puppies to chew on and destroy. However, it is still not recommended to let your puppy play with them unsupervised. The toys might not be toxic, but they can cause health problems if your dog manages to ingest them. 

Each toy was designed to help soothe your puppy’s gums and clean its teeth. They are also an excellent way to teach your dog not to bite on furniture and clothing. All you need to do is redirect their biting to one of the toys. It is also an excellent deal compared to other items on this list. 


  • It is a 12-pack that includes eight plush toys and four rope toys. 
  • All of the toys included in this pack have the right size and weight for small dogs. 
  • The toys are made of high-quality and non-toxic material for better safety. 
  • Each toy was designed to soothe your teething puppy’s gums. 
  • Your dog can use the toys for chewing or for playing tug-a-war. 
  • These toys are excellent to redirect chewing and training your puppy. 
  • It is an affordable option and an excellent deal for you. 


  • The toys are resistant, but they are not entirely chew-proof. 
  • These toys are not made for adult dogs. 

Best for Senior Dogs: Tough Pineapple Chew Toy

Tough Pineapple Chew Toy

The Tough Pineapple Chew Toy is a reliable chew toy for senior Boston Terriers and other small breeds. It is a highly durable option while remaining soft to protect your dog’s teeth and gums. This toy has a unique shape, an innovative design, and a multi-textured surface to keep your doggo busy and entertained for long periods. 

It has a pineapple flavor your dog will most likely love. It will also help you redirect destructive chewing and reduce boredom to protect your furniture. This toy is made of non-toxic, natural, and resistant rubber. Furthermore, the company that manufactures this toy offers a lifetime replacement policy you can use at any time. 

One more benefit of this chew toy is its capacity to keep your dog’s teeth clean, preventing the accumulation of plaque and other dental issues. 

However, you should avoid buying it for teething puppies or dogs with dental problems, as it can be too rough for them. I also recommend supervising your dog when he plays if you know he is a destructive chewer. 


  • It is an interactive toy made of non-toxic, natural, and durable rubber. 
  • It is a sturdy option with a softer surface for senior dogs. 
  • The toy has a unique shape and an innovative design. 
  • It will keep your dog busy and entertained for long periods. 
  • The company offers a lifetime replacement policy. 
  • You can use it to redirect destructive chewing and reduce boredom. 
  • It has the right size, shape, and weight for Boston Terriers.


  • I do not recommend this toy for teething puppies or dogs with sensitive gums. 

Budget Pick: Interactive Corn Chew Toy

Interactive Corn Chew Toy

The Interactive Corn Chew Toy is one of the most affordable chew toys available for small breeds like the Boston Terrier and Pomeranians. It has a total length of 4.4” (11.1 cm), a diameter of 2.2” (5.5 cm), and an overall weight of 0.4 lbs (0.1 kg), making it light enough for small mouths. This dog toy also works as a teeth cleaner, keeping your dog’s teeth plaque-free.  

It has a corn-shaped design with a rope on each end, allowing you to use it for tug-a-war or as a chew toy. You can also remove the cord to turn it into a treat-dispensing toy. Just fill the inside of the corn with treats to keep your dog even more entertained. It was also designed to help reduce destructive chewing while engaging your dog’s mind. 

The toy is made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber and cotton rope. These two materials are non-toxic and safe for your pet. 

However, you should take your dog to the vet if he manages to ingest any of it. It is a durable and resistant option, but it is not a chew-proof toy, so be careful and supervise your dog when he is playing. 


  • This rubber toy has an innovative design that will keep your dog busy. 
  • The toy was designed to reduce aggressive chewing. 
  • It will keep your dog’s mind engaged for long periods. 
  • It is made of high-quality and non-toxic rubber. 
  • This dog toy was designed for small breeds like the Boston Terrier. 
  • You can use the rope as a tug toy.  


  • The toy wasn’t made for aggressive chewers or teething puppies. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Chew Toy for a Boston Terrier

What to Look for in a Chew Toy for a Boston Terrier?

These are the characteristics of the best chew toys for Boston Terriers: 

  • Durability: One of the main aspects you need to consider is the durability and sturdiness of the toy, especially if it is meant for an aggressive chewer or a teething puppy. The more durable the toy is, the longer it will last.  
  • Texture: Dogs love to chew on different things like sticks, cushions, wood furniture, and anything else they can get. One toy probably won’t be enough to satisfy their curiosity, but a toy with more than one texture might do the trick. Multi-textured toys are the ideal options if you want to keep your dog busy for long periods. 
  • Flavor and scent: Some dog toys come with flavored surfaces or in-built smells that can help catch your dog’s attention. If your Boston Terrier is very picky with toys, these sensory features can keep him happy and entertained. 
  • Size: Boston Terriers are a small breed, and they need appropriately-sized toys. Their snouts are not long, and they can have difficulty carrying heavy or big toys. So, when it comes to Bostons, the smaller the toy, the better. 

What to Avoid When Buying a Chew Toy for a Boston Terrier? 

Here are the aspects to avoid when buying a chew toy for your Boston Terrier: 

  • Cheap materials: You want your dog to be safe and happy. That’s why I recommend avoiding chew toys made of cheap materials. Always look for non-toxic toys that won’t hurt your dog if he rips them apart. 
  • Fragile: Non-durable dog toys can be as dangerous as toxic toys. If the toy breaks, it can damage your dog’s throat or belly. You should avoid fragile or delicate toys at all costs. 
  • Big and heavy: Most chew-proof toys are extremely heavy and large compared to other options. Sadly, Boston Terriers are very small, and their mouths are no different. That’s why finding a high-quality dog for them can be challenging. Focus on toys with shapes and weight that allows your dog to hold them in his mouth. 

Are Boston Terriers Heavy Chewers? 

All dogs can become destructive chewers if not trained properly, including small breeds like the Boston Terrier. They are even more destructive during the puppy stage when they start teething. If your dog is destructive, the best thing you can do is redirect his chewing towards a toy. 

During training, keep a lot of durable and resistant toys around. You should also supervise your dog until he understands he can’t chew on the house’s furniture and other items. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are a low-maintenance dog breed with a wonderful attitude, lovely eyes, and a unique tuxedo-like coat. They do not require excessive exercise or grooming, but it doesn’t mean they have no needs. 

Here are some tips to take care of your Boston terrier: 

  • Exercise: Your Boston Terrier likely doesn’t need two hours of running or training. Most Bostons will be happy with a couple of walks a day. However, not all dogs are the same, and maybe your Boston might want more exercise or less. Pay attention to what he tries to communicate. 
  • Nutrition: Because they do not perform many physical activities, Boston Terriers are vulnerable to obesity. Be careful what you feed them and the amount of food they eat per day. Feed your dog a high-quality meal. It doesn’t matter if it is homemade or manufactured. 
  • Training: Boston Terriers are not known for being extremely smart. So, focus on training the basic commands like “sit” or “stay.” Complex orders will ultimately frustrate them, making the training pointless. Be patient with them and use a lot of treats if possible. 
  • Grooming: These dogs don’t shed as much as other breeds. However, they do need some grooming now and then. Brushing your Boston Terrier once a week will keep his coat clean and your house free of fur. A bath once a month is also recommended. 
  • Health: Boston Terriers’ eyes are beautiful but also sensitive. Check their eyes daily for any sign of infection or irritation. If you see any redness, you should contact a vet. Boston Terriers also suffer from breathing problems, especially in extremely hot or humid areas. Give them plenty of water in a day and protect them from the sun. 


The Overall Best chew toy for Boston Terriers is the Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy. It was designed to keep your dog busy for long periods. It also includes a textured and flavored surface. However, it is not ideal for teething puppies or heavy chewers. 

The Runner-Up is the Nylabone Big Power Chew. This dog toy is resistant and has more than one texture. It is also the right size for any small breed and promotes better dental hygiene, preventing plaque and other teeth problems. 

Overall, when buying a dog toy for a Boston Terrier, you should focus on finding a model with the right size and weight. Bostons have semi-flat faces, and carrying heavy or big objects is almost impossible for them. You should also find a chew toy with multiple textures and a flavored surface. 

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