The Best Chew Toys for Beagle Puppies in 2022

Beagles are compact, intelligent, and overall loving puppies. However, they are hounds, which means they have a lot of energy that may manifest in chewing and biting everything. Therefore, it could be an excellent idea to invest in some high-quality chew toys. 

The overall best chew toy for Beagle puppies is Rocket and Rex Puppy Chew Toys. This option includes six different toys, each with a different design and texture, perfect for Beagle puppies’ soft gums and smaller snouts. 

In this guide, I’ll cover the best chew toys for Beagle puppies. I will review the highest-quality chew toys with the most exciting shapes for all Beagle puppies. You’ll also learn more about Beagles and their need to chew, and how you can minimize destructive behavior. 

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Best OverallRocket and Rex Puppy Chew ToysRocket and Rex Puppy Chew Toys
Runner-UpBenebone Puppy Dog Chew ToyBenebone Puppy Dog Chew Toy
Savvy PickBojafa Best Dog IQ Puzzle Chew ToysBojafa Best Dog IQ Puzzle Chew Toys
Budget PickPetstages Dogwood WoodPetstages Dogwood Wood
Best Pick for Destructive DogsNylabone Power Chew X-ShapedNylabone Power Chew X-Shaped

Best Pick for Teething Puppies

Toozey Dog Chew Toy

Toozey Dog Chew Toy

Best Pick for Gentle Play 

GoDog Dragon Squeaker Toy

GoDog Dragon Squeaker Toy

Product Reviews for Beagle Puppy Chew Toys

Best Overall: Rocket and Rex Puppy Chew Toys

Rocket and Rex Puppy Chew Toys

Rocket and Rex’s puppy chew toys are the best overall option for your Beagle puppy chewing problem. This pack of six toys offers high-quality materials and designs that are soft and durable, making them the perfect ally for the puppy teething stage. 

One of the main benefits of these chew toys is that they are made of non-toxic plastic materials and soft cotton. The softness of these toys could be excellent for puppies suffering from teething pain. The smoother a dog toy is, the better it is for your puppys’ mouth health. 

The toys included in the pack are made for small and medium-size breeds, meaning that your Beagle puppy won’t have a hard time trying to fit them in his mouth. Your puppy can choose between rubber chew toys and cotton rope toys, each one with unique designs. 

Additionally, this puppy toy pack comes with six different options. Each option is made with a particular texture. Textures are what make dogs want to chew on something. The more variation you can offer to a dog, the more interested he may be in chewing that particular rope toy. You can offer soft, hard, bumpy, and other textures to your Beagle dog with this pack. 

This pack is an excellent option, but it might not be the best choice for aggressive chewers. If your puppy can get through hard toys in minutes, I recommend exploring other options on the list. 


  • Rocket and Rex’s six-pack helps reduce the stress and anxiety levels of your puppy.
  • The pack also soothes your puppy’s sore gums during teething. 
  • The six different toys have designs and textures made exclusively for puppies. 
  • These are excellent for small and medium-size breeds. 
  • The chew toys are durable, soft, and cute. 


  • This might not be the best option if you have an aggressive chewer. 
  • Dogs enjoy certain toys more than others, and your puppy might end up playing with only one or two of the options.

Runner-Up: Benebone Puppy Dog Chew Toy

Benebone Puppy Dog Chew Toy

Benebone’s puppy pack is one of the best alternatives you have for Beagle dog chews. The toys included in the collection are lightweight, durable, and firm to the touch. 

They also have a delicious bacon flavor and smell. It is an excellent option for Beagles because this breed loves to sniff, and the scent allows you to play advanced sniffing games. 

One more benefit of this bacon-flavor technology is that Benebone uses only 100% bacon to create it. Other brands use different artificial methods to achieve the smell and flavor, but those methods can be harmful to dogs. Breeds with powerful noses can detect these different artificial flavors, and they tend not to like them. 

The lightweight and portable design of the toys make them extra fun for medium-sized puppies like Beagles. Additionally, this product and all Benebone products are USA-made, meaning they tend to be less toxic than those produced off-shore. It also contributes to the country’s economy.

You should be wary about this option if you have a smaller than average Beagle puppy. The product can lead to soreness and even bleeding if used by smaller dogs. 


  • Benebone’s teething puppy line is durable and firm. They are also softer to keep the puppy’s sore gums as healthy as possible. 
  • This pack of two chew toys comes with added bacon flavor. 
  • The toys offer a paw-friendly grip, making them an excellent option for puppies with small mouths. 
  • The products are 100% made in America. 
  • Withstands even destructive chewing.


  • This product is not a good option for puppies with extra small mouths. 
  • It can also be too hard to chew for some dogs and even lead to some gum bleeding. 

Savvy Pick: Bojafa Best Dog IQ Puzzle Chew Toys

Bojafa Best Dog IQ Puzzle Chew Toys

If your Beagle pup has a lot of energy and loves to chew, then an IQ puzzle and interactive dog toy could help you deal with that. Bojafa’s IQ Puzzle offers a set of two chew toys that you can use to sneak some treats in. Your puppy will try to get those treats and will have to use his mouth and brain to get them. 

The balls are made of the most durable, non-toxic rubber materials, making them excellent for dogs and puppies. This rubber toy is not only great for chewing, but you can also use it to test your dog’s skills. You just need to add some treats and let your dog find the way to get them out. 

If your small dog is full of energy, which mine is, this is probably one of the best toys you can get. An IQ puzzle will keep him entertained while you enjoy a much-needed rest. However, this is not a plush toy made for very small dogs, and its smell can be off-putting for some dogs. 


  • Bojafa’s pack offers two balls: one in green and the other in cyan.
  • The toys have a cleaning property that will reduce and prevent plaque and tartar. 
  • The toys are made of some of the highest-quality non-toxic materials. 
  • These chew toys are also an excellent puzzle to entertain your dog for hours. 
  • The teething toy is perfect for puppies and even some aggressive chewer breeds. 


  • The balls have a strong odor that may be off-putting for some dogs. 
  • The balls are too big for very young puppies.

Budget Pick: Petstages Dogwood Wood

Petstages Dogwood Wood

Petstages’ Dogwood is an excellent affordable option for puppies that love chewing tree branches. The toy offers a stiff texture that many dogs enjoy. At the same time, it cleans and protects their gums and teeth with its natural tree branch splinters. 

You can give this toy to your puppy anywhere, whether you need it inside the house or out, and it can even float on water. If your puppy loves chewing, this chew toy is a safe alternative to encourage healthy chewing. However, you should avoid this product if you have an aggressive chewer.

The product is not 100%non-toxic, and it can be harmful if your dog manages to break it up and eat it. 


  • This product is an excellent option if your puppy loves to chew on tree branches. 
  • It is durable and offers an interesting texture that dogs love to chew.
  • This toy will protect your puppy from natural tree branches’ splinters. 
  • You can use it inside or out and it can float on water. 
  • This is an affordable chew toy choice.


  • This is not the best option for aggressive chewers. 

Best Pick for Destructive Dogs: Nylabone Power Chew X-Shaped

Nylabone Power Chew X-Shaped

This chew toy is the best option if you have an aggressive chewer that can destroy most toys in minutes. Nylabone’s Power Chew X-Shaped offers a unique shape with four different textures for your puppy to enjoy. It is suitable for medium and size breeds, making it a solid choice for Beagles during the teething stage. 

You can choose between two sizes: giant and small. The latter is the best option for dogs and puppies under 25 lbs (11.3kg(. Additionally, the toy is extra resistant as it has been designed for aggressive chewers. 

The toy also comes with a chicken-flavored surface that your puppy maylove. However, the hard plastic material might put-off some dogs that prefer rubber or softer toys. 


  • The toy offers a unique shape and four different textures. 
  • It is a highly durable option that’s perfect for aggressive chewers. 
  • You can choose between two sizes.
  • The toy provides a lovely chicken flavor that dogs may enjoy. 


  • The hard plastic material is not every dog’s favorite. 

Best Pick for Teething Puppies: Toozey Dog Chew Toy

Toozey Dog Chew Toy

The Toozey Dog Chew Toy could be the ideal toy for teething Beagle puppies. It provides excellent durability and a design that will likely keep your puppy entertained for long periods. It has a delicious beef flavor your dog will most likely love, and if you add peanut butter to the surface, you will make it even more enticing. 

This toy can help you redirect destructive behavior, necessary during the puppy stage when training your dog to obey commands like “NO.” This dog toy also has a durable and powerful in-built squeaker to maximize the fun during playtime. Additionally, it is made of non-toxic, elastic, and eco-friendly materials like natural rubber.

This dog toy promotes good dental hygiene, helping your puppy reduce swollen gums and tartar. You can even add dog toothpaste to the surface to maximize the dental benefits, which will also help with your dog’s breath. 

However, it is not a chew-proof option, only chew-resistant. So I recommend not buying it for destructive Beagles. 


  • This toy has the right durability for teething puppies. 
  • Its incredible design will keep your puppy entertained for hours. 
  • The toy has a delicious beef flavor. 
  • It is ideal for redirecting destructive behavior during training. 
  • This toy was made of non-toxic, eco-friendly, and natural materials. 
  • It will improve your dog’s dental hygiene. 


  • The toy is only chew-resistant and won’t withstand aggressive chewing.

Best Pick for Gentle Play: GoDog Dragon Squeaker Toy

GoDog Dragon Squeaker Toy

The GoDog Dragon Squeaker Toy is an excellent option for Beagles that want to play but have gentle playing styles. The toy has a chew-resistant surface without compromising its soft and plushy feeling. That way, your dog can play and chew on it without risking dental issues like swollen gums or broken teeth. 

It has the ideal dimensions for medium-size breeds like Corgis and Beagles. The toy has an overall height of 12.4 inches (31.7 cm), a length of 2.4 inches (6.3 cm), and a total width of 6.3 inches (16.2 cm). Additionally, this lightweight toy has a dragon-shaped design, making it cute and easy to hold.

This dog chew toy comes in 11 different designs, which are all dragons with different sizes and shapes. The manufacturer promises all consumers a toy replacement if it does not outlast a regular stuffed animal. 

However, even if it is a durable option, I recommend not buying this toy for aggressive or destructive chewers. 


  • It has the correct dimensions for medium-size breeds. 
  • The toy comes in different designs, sizes, and shapes. 
  • It was designed to be easy to hold and carry.
  • You’ll get a free replacement if the toy does not outlast a regular stuffed animal. 
  • It is an excellent option for Beagles with baby teeth. 
  • It has a chew-resistant surface that is still soft.
  • The toy is ideal for reducing swollen gums and preventing dental issues. 


  • It is not a toy designed for aggressive or destructive chewers. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Chew Toy for a Beagle Puppy

Cute Beagle puppy begs for a treat while sitting on the driveway

What Is the Best Beagle Puppy Chew Toy?

These are things a pet parent should consider before buying a new chew toy for your Beagle puppy:

  • Softness: Puppies do not have the same strength in their teeth as adult dogs. That’s why your Beagle’s chew toys must be softer than the classic toys for adult Beagles. 
  • Durability: Your puppy’s chew toys need to be durable and hard to break. If your puppy manages to tear through the squeaky toy, he can eat it. That can lead to a trip to the emergency room.
  • Size: Toys for Beagle puppies should be small enough to fit in their mouths and big enough for them not to swallow the toy. 
  • Texture: One of the things puppies love the most is exciting and new textures. If you hunt for the best chew toy for your Beagle puppy, try something with more than one texture.

What Should You Avoid in Chew Toys for Beagle Puppies?

Here’s what you should avoid for your Beagle puppy’s chew toys: 

  • Extra-hard materials: One thing you need to avoid for Beagle puppies is extra-hard materials. Puppies are teething, and their teeth are a lot sharper than adult dogs, but those teeth are also less resistant. Therefore, they can break if your puppy chews on something too firm. 
  • Stuffed animals: Stuffed animals might seem like a good idea for puppies, and sometimes they are. However, if your puppy manages to rip through the surface, he’ll be able to eat the stuffing, and that can produce serious problems. 
  • Toxic materials: When buying chew toys for your puppy, you should be wary about the materials they are made of. Harmful plastics, rubbers, and flavoring chemicals can not only harm your dog but can possibly kill him. 

Are Beagles Heavy Chewers?

Beagles love to chew and nip, but they are not heavy chewers like Boxers or other breeds.  However, they will try to chew on everything and everyone, and if you want to protect your house, the best thing you can do is train them since they are puppies. The earlier you start the training, the easier it will be for them to know what’s okay to chew and what’s not. 

Beagles are notorious for eating things they shouldn’t. When first introducing a chew toy to your Beagle puppy, watch him closely to make sure he isn’t tearing off small sections and ingesting them.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

When Do Beagle Puppies Start and Stop Teething?

Cute Beagle Puppy resting on shag carpet

Beagle puppies usually start the teething stage at around four months. Although, your puppy may begin teething before or even a lot after. The period will last approximately two more months. It usually ends by month six, depending on your puppy. 

Teething usually starts around 4 months of age and generally lasts until about 6 months of age. During this time, your Beagle’s gums may appear a little red and swollen and you may even see a small amount of blood on his chew toys. Provide plenty of appropriate toys during this time so he doesn’t resort to chewing on things he shouldn’t.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM

How to Stop a Beagle Puppy Chewing on the Furniture?

The best thing you can do when training a dog is to be patient. Things won’t work miraculously from one day to another. Beagle puppies love to chew on things, and if left untrained, they will chew on anything they like. What you must do is start the training even before the teething stage. 

Here’s what you should do: 

  1. Limit the access your puppy has to the furniture. 
  2. Use a deterrent your dog hates to prevent him from chewing particular objects.
  3. Give your dog plenty of chew toys and treats. 
  4. Use the toys to redirect the chewing if you see it happening. 

If you want to know more, here’s a video that can help you. 

To prevent your puppy from chewing on furniture or other inappropriate items, I highly recommend crate training when they are young. Puppies should go in the crate when they can’t be monitored closely. It will keep them safe and prevent damage to your home.

Dr. Megan Teiber DVM


The Best Overall chew toy for Beagle puppies is the Rocket and Rex Puppy Chew Toys pack. This toy collection offers different textures and designs. It is also made of soft materials that will protect your puppy’s gums and teeth.

Beagle puppies are energetic, and they need an outlet to let go of that energy. Chew toys will be your best allies during your puppy’s teething phase, but remember to choose the right size and texture for him. 

All content has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Megan Teiber, DVM.

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