Best Calming Dog Bed for Anti-Anxiety

Does your dog have anxiety during thunderstorms or fireworks? They may even have separation anxiety. There are many things that you can do at home to help keep your dog calm.  A nice calming bed is one thing that can help your dog feel more relaxed.

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Best OverallSealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog BedSealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed5/5
Savvy PickPetFusion Ultimate Dog BedPetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed5/5
Bargain PickBarkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedBarkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed4/5
 Furhaven Pet – Plush Ergonomic Contour Cradle Orthopedic Foam Mattress Dog Bed for DogsFurhaven Pet - Plush Ergonomic Contour Cradle Orthopedic Foam Mattress Dog Bed for Dogs4/5
 Furhaven Pet – Packable Travel BedFurhaven Pet - Packable Travel Bed4/5

Product reviews for calming dog beds

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

Best Overall

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

The Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dogs Bed with Cooling Gel is a great bed for your dog with anxiety.  This is also a great bed for an older dog who has arthritis or other joint and bone issues.

This bed is made with Quad element foam to help provide your dog with all the needed comfort and support. The gel layer will help your dog regulate their body temperature while they sleep.  This cooling layer will always diffuse heat away from the surface of the bed, keeping your dog cool.

The cover is removable and safe for your washing machine. This makes cleaning up and mess or accidents that your dog makes in their bed very easy to clean up.  The bed also has a charcoal base to help absorb any odors and always keeping your dog smell their best.

This bed comes in many different sizes so you can have the perfect size that you need for your dog.  It also comes in an assortment of colors such as brown, green, gray, and navy.  This helps the bed match any colors in your house.

This bed has hidden zippers so that your dog will not be able to easily chew on these and destroy their bed.  It also has a non-slip bottom helping keep the bed in place when your dog gets in and out of their bed.


  • Easy to clean
  • Machine washable cover
  • Hidden zippers
  • Orthopedic foam layer


  • May not withstand heavy chewers
  • High end pricing

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Savvy Pick

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is another solid option for dogs with anxiety. This bed has a 4-inch memory foam layer to help provide comfort and support to your dog. The foam layer is protected with a waterproof liner to help protect your dog’s bed.  The bolsters on the side are generously filled with recycled material to give your dog’s head and neck a comfortable place to rest.

The cover for this bed is made of water-resistant and tear-resistant material.  This makes this bed the best for dogs who are heavy chews or very destructive.  The cover can easily be removed, and the bolster stuffing removed for washing.  The cover can even be dried on low in your dryer to allow for you to get your dog’s bed cleaned quicker.  The water-resistant cover will help you be able to spot-clean certain areas if your dog only made a small mess.

This bed has a non-skid bottom to help keep the bed in place on hard floors.  This prevents the bed from moving when your dog jumps in and out of their bed.

This bed comes in multiple different sizes and colors, such as chocolate, sandstone, and gray.  This bed will easily fit in with any home décor.  The different sizes make this a great choice for larger size dogs. To learn more you can read our full PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Review.


  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof cover
  • Non-skid bottom


  • Zippers may have issues.

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

Bargain Pick

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

The Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed is a great budget-friendly choice for a dog with anxiety.  This bed has a 3-inch layer of gel memory foam and a layer of high-density foam to help relieve any pressure points and support your dog’s body while they sleep.

This bed comes in many different sizes and even has an extra, extra-large size for a Great Dane or Mastiff to also fit very comfortably. This will make it great to get the best size for your dog.

Since this bed does not have the bolster sides, it would be a great bed to use in your dog’s crate. This can help make your dog’s crate more comfortable and more inviting for them to want to spend time sleeping in there.

The cover is water-resistant and is machine washable, making clean up very easy. The covers come in many different colors, such as espresso, gray, navy, and sand.  They also have premium covers to help make your dog’s bed even cozier.  These covers will help your dog’s bed easily match the decoration of your house and can easily be removed to quickly wash and freshen your dog’s bed


  • Inexpensive
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable


  • Does not have bolster sides for your dog’s head

Furhaven Pet – Plush Ergonomic Contour Cradle Orthopedic Foam Mattress Dog Bed for Dogs

Furhaven Pet - Plush Ergonomic Contour Cradle Orthopedic Foam Mattress Dog Bed for Dogs

The Furhaven Pet – Plush Ergonomic Contour Cradle Orthopedic Foam Mattress Dog Bed for Dogs, is a great dog bed to buy for your dog with anxiety.  This bed has a contoured design that gives extra support to your dog. 

It also has an orthopedic layer that helps decrease pressure points and decreases joint pain.  This layer is very firm and dense giving your dog support to their neck, back, hips, and joints creating a more restful night’s sleep.

There is an option to get a gel cooling layer. This layer contains gel beds that help keep your dog cool in the summer. 

These beds come in many different sizes so that the calming bed is the perfect fit for your dog.  The Furhaven Pet Bed comes in different colors, Cream, Chocolate, Blue, or Gray. This helps make it easy to fit into the décor of your house.

This bed has a faux fur top that is very soft and comfortable for your dog.  The lining is very soft to touch and comfortable for your dog to snuggle upon for a long night’s sleep. This covering is removable and machine washable for any mess that your dog may make. 

One great thing that comes with the bed is a worry-free program.  This is a 90-day coverage against any material defect. 


  • Soft
  • Easy to clean – machine washable
  • Multiple sizes and colors


  • Not good for heavy chewing dogs as this bed can easily be destroyed.

Furhaven Pet – Packable Travel Bed

Furhaven Pet - Packable Travel Bed

The Furhaven Pet Packable Travel Bed is a great bed for dogs with anxiety.  This bed has to bolster sides to help snuggle your dog while they are sleeping.  The inside of the bed is made of material to help keep your dog comfortable, and the cover is made of very soft material to ensure that your dog has a restful night’s sleep. 

This bed has an orthopedic memory foam layer covered by a plush faux fur.  The fluffy bolster is filled with 100% recycled material.  You can even get this bed with a cooling gel foam layer to help keep your dog cool. 

This bed comes in many different sizes but only is big enough for dogs up to 55 pounds.  Several color options are available; there is one that can match almost all of your home’s décor.

The cover is completely machine washable to help make cleaning up messes or freshen your dog’s bed very easy.  The bed comes with a 90-day coverage against any defects. 


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Orthopedic and gel foam layer
  • Multiple sizes; made even for Great Danes in mind


  • Not good for dogs who are destructive.

Buying Considerations for Calming Dog Beds

A calming bed is one that is made to help keep your dog calm and allow them to sleep better.  Usually, these beds are very soft and are usually made from Sherpa or fur like material. They also swaddle your dog to help keep them calm.  They will provide your dog with extra warmth and provide support to their body.

Most calming dog beds come as a cuddle bed.  These beds are usually round like a donut, and your dog will easily sink in the dog’s bed. When your dog sinks into the bed, it will engulf and surround them, helping them feel calm and relaxed.

Calming dog beds are also called bagel dog beds or donut dog beds because of their shape. This shape makes it easy for your dog to sleep.

Dogs with medical conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis need beds specifically designed for those issues.

Dog hiding in bed

Why Does my Dog Need a Calming Dog Bed?

There are many reasons that your dog can benefit from a calming bed.

  • Helps your dog sleep better: Many calming dog beds will help keep your dog’s head supported and in the proper position. This provides more comfort and relaxation when they are sleeping.
  • Keeps your dog calm and eases their anxiety: The elevated rim of these beds will activate your dog’s nervous system and allow them to stay calm and relax faster.  This will also help your dog sleep more soundly.
  • Improves your dog’s behavior: When your dog gets a restful night’s sleep, they tend to behave better and be less destructive.  Calming dog beds will also keep your dog from destroying your house when you are gone because of their anxiety.
  • Provides extra comfort: Most calming dog beds have a raised rim that supports your dog’s head and neck.  They usually also are made of a super soft material that helps keep your dog warm and a great place for your dog to snuggle up.
  • Decrease your dog’s joint pain: Some calming beds also have orthopedic linens that help your dog’s joints.  These beds decrease the pressure on their joints and support their whole body.
  • Decreases your dog’s muscle aches:  The soft, comfy beds will also help decrease the muscle aches and pains that your dog may be experiencing.

What to Consider when Buying a Calming Dog Bed?

When looking for a calming dog bed, there are many things that you need to consider. 

  • Size: When looking for a dog bed, you will need to make sure that the bed is big enough for your dog to easily fit in their bed but not too big that it does not cuddle them as a calming bed should.
  • Comfort: You will want to make sure that your dog is comfortable in their bed.  Some beds have a memory foam layer or extra padding to make these comfortable beds for your dog.
  • Stuffing: Look at the stuffing in the bed.  Make sure that this is thick enough to be comfortable. 
  • Support: You will want to make sure that your dog’s bed supports both their head and body.  This will help put them in a more comfortable position when they are sleeping.
  • Durability: When you purchase a dog bed, you will want it to last. Make sure that your dog’s beds are made of strong and durable material.
  • Wash-ability: When looking for a new dog bed, you will want a bed that is easy to clean.  Your dog is eventually going to get their bed dirty or have an accident in their bed.  This may be easy to wipe off or a removable cover that can easily be washed.

What Else Can I Do for My Dog with Anxiety?

Calming dog beds are great to use for your dog with anxiety, but there are a few other things that you can also try such as:

  • Anxiety treats
  • Anxiety Training
  • Prescription medication


The Best Overall bed is the Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dogs Bed with Cooling Gel layer.  This bed will help your dog stay cool when they sleep as well as help with any orthopedic issues that they may have.  

It also has a non-slip bottom that helps keep the bed in place.  The bolster sides make a soft place for your dog to lay their head while they sleep.  This bed is also very easy to clean and has a waterproof layer. 

The Savvy Pick is the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.  The quality of materials and durability give this option the edge.

The Bargain Pick is the Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed. This bed can be traveled with, can fit in a crate and will let your doggo live in comfort anywhere. 

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