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Welcome to Savvy Doggo!!  

We strive to make life easier for dog parents.  You don’t have to look far to find sales pages pitching you the “next great thing” for your pup.  But how do you know that a product is safe for your doggo?  What if a better product or a better price is available?  

If you skimp out on your research you can end up wasting money on bad or even unsafe things.  

If you spend hours in research you might find exactly what you need but it will cost you valuable time.  

That’s where Savvy Doggo steps in.  We put in the research, product testing and grading so that you can protect your precious time with your pup.  

Our team of passionate writers hold high standards for our content and are disciplined in their approach.  Just a few of the commitments we make for you are:

  • All our writers are real people.  No ghost writing allowed.  
  • Everyone on our team is a parent of at least one doggo.  As dog lovers, you can be assured that we do all our research with our own pups in mind.
  • Wherever possible we link to trusted studies and sources so that you can follow our work and make the best decision for your pet.
  • While we only review products we recommend, we hold to showing you the cons of even the best products so that you are never caught off guard. 
  • We welcome constructive feedback and are constantly looking to improve our site.  Please leave us a comment or use the contact form if anything looks off on our articles!
  • We are 100% transparent about any commissions made as a result of recommendations we make.  

Thank you for visiting Savvy Doggo! 

Meet the Team

Kate Beveridge

Kate Beveridge

Kate is an Australian writer and dog enthusiast. She can be found patting street dogs and caring for her mischievous Golden Retriever called Nala.